Evolution of CMS to DXP

CMS, Content Management System  


A CMS enables users to control the front-end part of a website, that is, the website’s content, design, and functionality. The basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on the content and the back-end to store that content are the basic two components of a CMS. Users can perform actions on the content without any IT intervention and technical knowledge.


A CMS is a database to manage enterprise or web content in one application. Though the core functionalities of CMS include basic work management, commerce, user management, security; the capability can always be expanded with APIs. 


Traditional CMS and Headless CMS  


It is quick to get started with traditional CMS. Website is coupled with CMS itself and all technologies like database that CMS brings with it. CMS is used for ECM and WCM. As the website is coupled directly with CMS, it demands a whole rebuilding in case of any website design alterations. It is not possible to reuse the components. 


A headless CMS is a type of backend content management system. With a headless CMS, users can manage any type of content in the backend system and can deploy it in any chosen front-end framework. This allows content integration into any/multiple systems or websites with the help of APIs. Because of this very functionality of headless CMS, it has become a popular choice.  




DXP, Digital Experience Platform 


Digital Experience Platform, DXP, is an integrated suite of components or modules to provide customers with better digital experiences. Enterprises undergoing digital transformation demand distinct solutions to provide customers with personalized content through multiple channels at each touchpoint of the entire customer journey.


DXPs support the organizational need to offer improved and personalized customer experiences by performing certain data analytics.  



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