Life becomes so much better when a little pup enters your life, the pup makes you feel loved all the time, teaching you what caring means and providing you with all the attention that one can give. Once you get to have your new family member with you, It becomes a priority responsibility for you to take proper care and betterment steps towards safekeeping for your pet as the baby dog totally depends upon you, to decide what is beneficial for them and their requirements to be fulfilled.  



Dogs being animals, are genetically strong but have a relatively sensitive immune system to deal with all those airborne allergies and skin issues. Taking proper care of your dog in all lights means - their appetite tracking, essential rejuvenating exercises, providing the optimum nutrients, general health checkups, and most importantly- prevention and treatment against bugs or any factorial skin issues or seasonal allergies. 




Itchiness can be bothersome, especially if your dog has chronic itches giving rise to long-time persisting skin issues including scabies or any other disease. Although there are multiple antibodies or other factors causing itchiness to your little furry friend. But the most common factors kindling itches include-   


  • Airborne Pollens 
  • Dander Flakes
  • Atopic Dermatitis



Pollen is the ultimate career of multiple airborne allergies and infections that can cause very itchy and other discomforting conditions for your dog. However, If your pet is allergic to pollen, you might observe many other symptoms apart from itching amongst them, which include repetitive sneezing, watery eyes or inability to consume food because of an itchy throat, or related issues that can get adverse when pollen increases in the atmosphere, during the late fall or spring.



The white dead skin particles often found on the scalp of humans or the bodies of other animals are termed dander. To be more precise, the dry skin flakes deposited on the animal bodies that have fur, feathers, or long hair coat are termed dander flakes as compared to dandruff which is composed of flakes of epithelial skin cells on the scalp. Both dander and dandruff are itchiness-stimulating agents. 



Atopic dermatitis is a pruritic (itchy) skin issue amongst dogs and cats. The allergic reaction of this condition occurs when your dog inhales airborne substances including house dust or pollen particles. Or by ingesting any other substance which they might be sensitive towards. The reacting allergens cause the poor creature to have an extensive need for rubbing, licking, scratching, or biting themselves. While trying to get relief from the continuous irritating inches, dogs usually end up scratching their skin hard enough, which despite providing relief, often makes the conditions even worse. 



To prevent your dog to suffer any further from these conditions with increasing infection scope. It is a necessary step to provide them with all the essential medication treatments and immunity boosters that can surely eliminate these issues and provide itch relief for dogs.


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