An Ultimate Guide to the Best WinterContact Tyres from Continental Tyres 

To start with, we all need a tyre that blends exactly with our local conditions, does it not true? Well! If you are in search of a tyre set that fits exactly with your chilling environment, then simply dive into this blog and know better!

Three Features Make the Continental Winter Models the Unique!

Speaking of the features, the winter tyres design is quite different from any other Tyres Lloc including performance tyres and all-season tyres. However, the makers take special care while manufacturing these tyres to make them more resistible and perform well on the chilling winter days. Meanwhile, these are the three major factors that stand behind the better quality of a winter tyre: Increased siping density

Foundationally, the siping density must be high in any winter tyre as it fosters exceptional hydroplaning resistance of the tyre on wet and snow surfaces. However, the grooves and sipes make the tyre run long no matter how extreme clod the surface is! Fortunately, Continental Tyres Lloc manufactures every winter model with an increased number of grooves and sipes within the design. After all, the maximum siping density of a tyre makes it spread evenly on the surface and makes the ride more smooth.



The material of a tyre is crucial to avoid several risks, including blow-outs, punctures, and any other external damages. Also, the compound used in the making affects the stiffness, strength, and stability of the tyre. Besides, the Continental brand higher percentage of natural rubber content while making all winter models. However, this re-formulated compound is lightweight, flexible, and strong that provides exceptional grip over any terrain. Also, the innovative silica compound from Continental fosters impressive resistance, especially on surfaces covered with ice, snow, slush, and sleet.


In general, treading is quintessential that makes every winter tyre resistible to extreme cold, hard ice, wet, and snowy regions. However, all winter models from Continental comes with come along with deeper treads within the design. Also, this tread wear in winter variants is higher compared to any other summer and all-season models. Alongside, the tread design is also responsible for the increase in tyre traction. After all, the deeper treads help in precision handling, better braking abilities, and a comfortable ride on the snow and ice.
over and sipes within the design. After all, the maximum siping density of a tyre makes it spread evenly on the surface and makes the ride more smooth.

Best WinterContact Tyres from Continental Tyres:

These are the two best and most updated models from the WinterContact series from Continental tyres:

Continental ContiWinterContact TS 850P

ContiWinterContact TS 850P tyre is an ultimate performer that enhances comfortable rides in chilling winter seasons. However, this winter-type passenger model is proficient in promoting superior handling in wet and snowy regions. Also, this tyre's material is a specially engineered silica compound that fosters soothing low rolling resistance over hard ice evenly. Another green signal for this tyre is its impressive low fuel consumption in the overall lifetime of a tyre, thanks to fuel-saving technology from Continental tyres. This tyre comes with a special design that includes sipes and grooves that aid in better handling on dry roads. Also, the deeper treading of the tyre aids in impressive short braking distance on wet lanes. After all, this premium winter tyre from Continental is available in a total of 111 sizes.

Continental WinterContact TS 860

This winter tyre model is the updated version of TS 850P. This tyre design is more specialized with a re-formulated rubber compound that facilitates excellent handling on wet surfaces. Also, the tyre comes with higher traction. This winter model promotes great flexibility and spreads evenly on any surface to avoid blowout risks. Alongside, the deep treads on the Tyres Lloc design aid in exceptional steering control and stability. The innovative rubber material and the siping support outstanding aquaplaning resistance and better cornering control. After all, this premium winter model fosters excellent short braking distance on wet and dry roads effortlessly. Finally, the company makes this new model WinterContact TS 860 to be available in a total of 72 sizes in total.