Explanation of other terms related to the pcb industry

1. Ethylene glycol

Function: This substance can be used to formulate various fluxes and fluxes required by the PCB industry.

Features: It is a clear, colorless, paste-like diol, molecular formula CH2OH, CH2OH, sweet, easily soluble in water, can be made into antifreeze, cooling liquid, cooling liquid, etc.

2. Card

Often refers to narrow, long or small boards with peripheral functions, such as transfer cards, memory cards, IC cards, smart cards, etc. It is an informal name for a printed circuit board.

high density pcb card

3.Die Stamping

This is a process that is rarely used in pcb manufacturing. It is a construction method of embossing (Embossing for short), which is sometimes used after lamination of multi-layer boards. In addition, the foundry will mark the board in this way for traceability.You can find more related content on FS Tech PCBA Blog.

4. Cable

In the downstream assembly of printed circuit boards, it is called Flat Cable, because in order to reduce the volume and save production costs, the factory will use the PI sheet of the flexible board to make it, and it is called Flex Flat Cable. Commonly known as single-sided soft board in the electronics manufacturing industry.


The government assembly that oversees manufacturing standards and conformity assessment activities in the United States works to improve the global competitiveness of American businesses and the American quality of life by promoting voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems.

6. Acoustic Microscope (AM)

Circuit board under acoustic microscope

It is an imaging inspection technology applied to densely PCB Assembly board, including laser scanning type (SLAM) and C-mode scanning (C-SAM) and other models. The principle is to use ultrasonic waves with a frequency of 10 to 100 MHz to conduct non-destructive quality inspection of fine electronic printed circuit board seals. water is its energy carrier.

7. Card Cages/Card Racks

A three-dimensional cage-shaped or box-shaped assembly is the electronic center part of a large-scale system, and there is space for air blowing and heat dissipation between each board.

8. Clip Terminal

It refers to a way for the circuit board to communicate with the outside world. Generally, the Fixture base used for circuit board testing is connected to the test master machine in this way.

9. Coaxial Cable

The outer periphery is covered with an insulating layer, the two centers have a metal conductor with interconnection function, and a tubular metal layer with a barrier function is added. This combined line is called “coaxial cable”.

10. Cold Flow

The printed circuit board material is deformed in scale due to the suppression of fixed external force, which is called “Cold Flow”.

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