Rules for MLA Paper Format - Guide

   Research students are made to write papers as a part of their degrees in every university. While some students are capable of writing good research papers, others find it a daunting task. It may be because writing a research paper is more difficult and complex than writing an essay. Unlike an essay, it is vital to follow a proper format while writing a research paper as well as the appropriate use of citations. Therefore, students need to learn proper formats and citation styles if they have to write a research paper. Student can also hire essay writers for further help.In this post, you will find the specific rules for writing a research paper in MLA format.

         A research paper can be written in a number of different formats. These are Chicago, Harvard, ASA, APA, AMA, IEEE, and MLA styles. All of the formats have their specific requirements for writing a paper and different structures of the text, footnotes, endnotes, in-text citations, and references or bibliography. Out of all these, MLA format is used in languages and humanities which is developed by the Modern Language Association.

         There are certain rules for writing a research paper in MLA format. These are:

  • It involves the use of 8.5  x 11 inches of white paper.
  • Each side of the page has a margin of 1-inch.
  • The standard font size i.e. 12, should be used.
  • A legible font should be used for the paper for example Times New Roman.
  • Each new paragraph should have a half-inch indent.
  • The use of block quotations in the paper involves a one-inch indent from the left margin.
  • Double spacing should be used in the paper.
  • It involves a right-aligned header that includes the name of the writer with page numbers.
  • A separate title page should not be made unless requested.
  • The first page includes the writer's name, teacher’s name, course code, and submission date, all written towards the left.
  • The title of the paper is centered and not boldfaced.
  • It involves the use of in-text citations rather than footnotes.
  • Every in-text citation includes the name of the online essay writer of the source you are using and the page number.
  • Finally, at the end of the paper, the work cited page is given in which all the references are given.

These are the basic rules for writing a research paper in MLA format. However, every student is not acquainted with proper formats and citation style rules. Therefore, they find it difficult to write a good research paper. In that case, a lot of students pursue an essay writing service to get their essays and papers made. Sometimes it becomes a necessity to access such services because students have a lot to do. So to ease their burden, many essay writing services are available which can be easily accessed. These services deliver quality work at cheaper rates in the minimum possible time. Students, however, need to learn those skills which are vital to write good essays and papers.

When I was an undergrad, I had difficulty writing good research papers due to which I did not get good grades. Many times, I had to request my seniors to write my essays or to guide me as to how I can write proper research papers. Sometimes, I pursue an essay writing service to write essay for me. But, I had to work hard in learning those techniques which made my writing better. By practicing, I was able to come up with impressive essays and research papers.

Therefore, if you were not familiar with MLA format before, this post would have assisted you with the standard rules to write a paper in MLA format.