The PlayStation 5 is still a hard to come by item. After all, after a few months of usage, your perceptions of the hardware are vastly different than when you first unbox it. At this point, I must emphasize the need of being cautious when placing the PS5 in a laying position. Even a minor attempt to shift the whole thing afterwards may result in the gadget being completely ejected. The console's attachment to a plastic stand is insufficiently... sticky, and it may come free quite easily - for example, while trying to move the console a few inches closer to you. I used a little piece of foam tape where the console sits on the stand in my situation. I got free ps5 redeem codes from this site.

When the console was already on the shelf, I didn't give a damn about how it looked. That's all there is to it. It's just another piece of decor. Although I would have wanted the controller to be in different colors, the white color scheme goes in perfectly with what I have in my flat. White is good when it's utilized, but not when it's unused. Let's face it, the DualSense is easily filthy, which is why you should clean it on a regular basis. When you press the PlayStation button, you'll see the "Cards" for each game, as well as a fairly traditional control panel where you can choose the home screen, toggle alerts, and join a group. Sony employed old solutions in the settings as well, which are eerily similar to those seen on previous-generation consoles. You can pick up your free psn game codes here: