My name is Leon Tollmache.

My name is Leon Tollmache. I am a programmer at Stepico. Our game-art studio provides both production and art-making services which allows us to offer a wide variety of services for almost every kind of project.

 It doesn't matter how many projects you create or how precise the mechanics are, what plot twists they feature, or how impressive the graphics look, it will not be noticed by players. In order to make a project successful, there must be something that will please all players. It is important to stimulate players' emotions. This will at a minimum be slightly different from what you see in the real world. It is essential to find a balance between what players are used to and something brand new, as people often come to the game hoping for a different experience.

 In the world of gaming, there are a lot of different settings and genres. Setting can be historical, futuristic, steampunk, or cyberpunk. In contrast to the setting, not every genre is suitable for games on mobile devices. As you are in the process of locating an idea, you'll need to imagine the game you want to play as a result. Imagine your player riding the subway to get home after an extended day. He gets up and takes the train in a jam-packed train. To escape the grey reality and to soothe his nerves a little, he reaches for his smartphone and decides to watch your Horror. Absurd? That's right! Mobile devices do not provide the same experience as PCs, consoles, and even VR. Before you begin developing, think of creative and, most importantly, relevant ideas for mobile gaming.

 We are able to provide a vast range of services for game development. We can also accommodate any need. Our team can begin a project completely from scratch or handle the individual stages of development. Our projects are created to stay in the memory. Inspiring mechanics, superior graphics, and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology.


 You can check out a number of informative content on our blog if keen to know more about the process of creating mobile games. And if you dream of joining the Stepico team, look for us here