Professional Cement Project Consultants at Chanderpur Group

Over the recent years, there has been a gradual development in the technology related to the cement industry. There have been more and more reconstruction technologies also available. For every cement plant that wants to be successful, the right strategies are the most important. There are several cement project consultants that provide you with tips that can improve the process, capacity, and productivity of your cement plant. Cement manufacturing plants can be updated by making a few changes such as cement plant design, raw materials, fuel, cement equipment, power, etc. 

Tips to Keep in Mind While Setting Up New Cement Plant

If you are looking to set up a new cement plant then here are some of the tips that are mentioned by expert cement project consultants.

  • Use Hammer Crusher: - The production capacity of the raw mill is greatly affected by the feeding size of limestone. There are 4 common types of cement crushers in the cement crushing plant to process raw materials into required sizes, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, and hammer crusher. They all have their advantages to be suitable for various sections of cement crushing plants. A Hammer crusher is the most optimal choice as it is a highly-efficient crusher. The advantages are
  • High Crushing Efficiency
  • Large Reduction Ratio
  • Little Wear
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Smooth Operation
  • Convenient Maintenance 
  • Use Microcomputer Proportion System: -The microcomputer proportion system helps to avoid big errors and low accuracy that is caused by manual operation. It gives you the option to set all the details in the system such as selecting measuring equipment like bucket scale, speed belt scale, cantilever scale, etc. It improves the clinker quality of the rotary kiln, increases the qualification rate of outlet raw meal, and makes an important contribution to stabilizing the calcining system of the rotary kiln. 


  • Homogenization and Storage: -Firstly, homogenize outlet raw meal and then store them, or send all raw meal into raw meal storage silo to avoid stopping grinding caused by homogenization silo failure. Simultaneous blanking can be realized by two blanking points that are set at the bottom of each raw meal storage silo. 
  • High-efficiency and Energy-saving Drying Technology: -A new type of combined material lifting device that has been adopted by rotary kiln dryers has a novel and unique structure. It ensures that the material entering the dryer falls in the shape of a waterfall on the cross-section and moves forward in the shape of a wave. To reduce the labor intensity of workers, the system adopts centralized control and instrument operation. 
  • Use Frequency Conversion Technology: -There is a large energy loss due to the opening of the damper or the coupling which is done by traditional fans to regulate air volume. There is a solution for the frequency conversion renovation of fans as flows to promote energy efficiency according to the operation of the working fan.