Advantages of Wearing Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Without using adhesives or heat, beaded anchors are attached to your natural hair and hand-tied wefts are stitched onto them. With many styling options, The hand-tied extensions made with virgin hair are great options. Hand-tied hair extensions enhance your appearance by adding length, volume, and even color. 


Natural Look

As a result of being hand-tied, the wefts lay flat on your head and resemble natural hair. The fact that the extensions are connected in numerous areas makes it less likely that they will come untied. Additionally, because the individual strands are smaller, they match your hair better. It creates a more authentic appearance that is less likely to be mistaken for fake.


Easy to maintain

Extensions don't need to be styled or maintained every day as other extensions do. They merely need to be washed and styled the same as your natural hair. You'll save time in the morning getting ready because they are so simple to maintain.


Available in a Variety of Styles

You can style your hair in a variety of ways due to the extensions. They can be worn down, high, or even in a ponytail. One of the factors contributing to the popularity of these extensions is their adaptability. The extensions are a fantastic option if you're searching for a flexible extension option.


More Durable Than Other Extension Types

The extensions can last for a longer time than other forms of synthetic extensions, that, with good maintenance, can last up to six months. You should refrain from applying excessive heat on your hair to make sure that your hand-tied extensions last as long as feasible. Additionally, stay away from shampoo and other sulfate-containing hair products. Use gentle shampoo and conditioner made especially for extensions instead.

Be sure to remove your extensions slowly and cautiously when the time comes. Before using a comb or brush, start by gradually loosening the wefts with your fingertips.


How Do You Install Hand-Tied Extensions?


Wefts that have been hand-tied together are used in hand-tied extensions. Hand-tied extension wefts are not bulky and lay flat against your head as opposed to machine-tied extension wefts. You may style your hair, as usual, even tying it back into a ponytail, without worrying about them showing.


We apply tiny beads to very small portions of your hair before installing the wefts. Since the beads match your hair's color, they won't be visible at all. We stitch the wefts into the beads after they have been put in place. While braiding a row of your natural hair and stitching the weft into the braid is quite comparable to this installation technique, the beads are less damaging.


And that's it about maintaining and installing hand-tied hair extensions. You can still get an extension to grow your hair to shoulder length if your shortest layer is at least to your cheekbone, or you can add extensions to your natural hair to provide more volume and density (make it thicker). Your natural hair length must at least reach your shoulders in order to put extensions to lengthen hair that is below shoulder length.