Lost Ark Gold the first area

Lost Ark Gold the first area you come to when you enter Arthetine, which is the 7th continent in Lost Ark. If you're a collector It's where you'll be the first to open the new chapter in the Adventurer's Tome. There are several other chances to locate mokoko seeds.


The area is half-filled with the port town, Lupen that you can arrive on a boat. However, there are some wilds on its outskirts which you should explore before heading toward the city that is the capital, Stern. There are a few seeds found in the port, but most are in the outskirts of town, including two in an off-map secret zone. But you can discover these seeds easily if follow our guide below.


Mokoko Seed One - Beneath Lupen Port


When you reach the port by boat, turn right at the T-junction ahead of you, heading towards Scheiber. As the path comes to the intersection, take the front door to your left. Once inside take the path that it turns northwest. There's no way to navigate in this area, but also no danger. When you reach the end of the path the path opens into an immense room. Take the steps down into the room, and then immediately turn right. Take a walk northeast to the point you can to locate the first mokoko, hidden right in the corner by the pipe.


Mokoko Seed Two - Lupen Port


Head up the steps just in the south-east from the Lupen Port Triport. Once you reach the top, walk straight on past the port guards and up the ramp to the point where the train is waiting to be loaded onto the train. When you arrive at the train, on your right, is an area of seating covered. The second seed is underneath just behind the second bench.


Mokoko Seed Three - East Of The Outskirts


Get the elevator out of Lupen Port and turn east until you reach the small jump point that crosses the chasm. After you've crossed the chasm, move towards the center of the section on the other. There's an area with cactus plants that has six cacti with yellow flowers. There are two more to their left. The mokoko seeds are hidden in the central part of this larger area.


Mokoko Seeds Four and Five - The Secret Path


If you're starting in the Outskirts located just outside Lupen Port, head north towards The Research Camp. After that, go east and follow the path southeast until it ends at a fork. Take the thin southern fork that appears to be dead end. The road actually continues to wind south and past the jump point on the map, before turning to the east. Continue until the final point to find tiny dusty areas with two more seeds in plain sight on the surface.


Mokoko Seed Six - Research Camp Lost Ark Gold Buy