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What is Crowdfunding?


Crowdfunding is basically the practice of funding a project or creating a startup by raising money from various individuals. It is usually done using the internet, as it is easily accessible to gather contacts and determine the stakeholders of the project. Crowdfunding can be a suitable method for personal use, for real estate, loans, start-ups, and other businesses. Crowdfunding is emerging as one of the most affordable and viable options for young entrepreneurs in the country.


Basic Intro about Blockchain CrowdFunding:


The Blockchain-Based Crowdfunding Development platform provides different possibilities for startups and enterprises by increasing their funds by creating their own cryptocurrency and it is a peer-to-peer fundraising model. Some of the most popular crypto-based crowdfunding platforms are coin space, swarm, judobaby, etc. Blockchain-based Crowdfunding provides various benefits for creators and other consumers.

Blockchain-powered crowdfunding projects offer a white-label crowdfunding script for creators who need to commit a substantial amount of resources, time, and money into developing ideas, products, or services. Fundraisers allow organizations to test new products to measure market acceptance and viability before committing funds to further development.


Advanced Features of Blockchain Crowdfunding Development:


  • Decentralization

  • Access Equity

  • Universal Opportunity

  • Flexible Options

  • Peer-to-Peer

  • Progress Graph

  • Powerful Admin panel

  • Various mode payment options

  • Secure Reliable platforms

  • Alert for notifications

  • Social media platforms

Blockchain development solutions for crowdfunding:


  • Donation-based crowdfunding

  • Crowdfunding for rewards

  • Lending crowdfunding

  • Equity crowdfunding

Why choose coinjoker for blockchain crowdfunding platform development?


Crowdfunding platforms are a blessing for entrepreneurs and business people who want to launch new ventures or businesses with blockchain. Platforms for crowd-funders are evolving to satisfy the demands and requirements of users. Coinjoker offers custom crypto/blockchain crowdfunding platform development services tailored to your business's specific requirements. By considering legal compliances, we create solutions that are ready to dominate the industry. Coinjoker is the ideal Blockchain crowdfunding platform development solution for entrepreneurs who are prepared to go global with their business and for those who strive to boost their Blockchain crowdfunding platform. Our solution has been thoroughly built to help you meet all requirements. Launch your Blockchain crowdfunding platform with Coinjoker right away. Moreover


  • Futuristic technologies

  • Outstanding customer services

  • Skilled experienced team

  • Transparent working process

Smart Contract Based Crowd Funding Platform Development:


The best blockchain crowdfunding platform development will have fully customizable smart contracts that allow you to define the terms of the contract, taking into account the conditions under which funds are released to the creator. The smart contract has a simple user interface that creators and donors can interact with ease of digital agreement, and is a no-code environment built for non-technical users to leverage the power of blockchain in the way they use apps currently in their business.


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