FIFA 21 FGS Player Tokens Earning Tips On Twitch

For all players who want to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup, the FIFA Global Series is an annual tournament that takes place over a period of time. Each region hosts a variety of events that are used to calculate points and ranking positions at the end of the season for all participants. The show also provides viewers with an opportunity to learn the most effective strategies from industry professionals while also earning rewards. In an effort to reward viewers with in-game perks, EA Sports launched the FIFA Global Series Swaps program. A player token for the FGS is included in these rewards. After that, you can use the tokens to purchase FIFA Ultimate Team packs and FUT rewards from the official FUT website. There will be two FGS Swaps available for purchase during the FIFA 21 campaign.

Earning FGS Player Tokens for FIFA 21 on Twitch is simple
Twitch accounts are required in order to obtain the FGS player tokens. Joining Twitch is as simple as creating an account and connecting it to your EA account. Players who are eligible for FGS player tokens but do not have both accounts linked will be unable to claim them.

To receive an FGS player token, you must then watch at least 60 minutes of an eligible FIFA 21 Global Series event to qualify. The more eligible events that you watch throughout the season, the more FGS tokens you'll get in exchange. As a result, you can exchange your FGS player token items for non-tradable pack rewards after completing this process. These tokens cannot be sold or redeemed for cash or for any other goods or services other than those stated on the packaging. To receive the player token in the game, you must claim it during the live event on Twitch.

In FIFA 21, the FSG Token is used
FGS token in FIFA 21: how to obtain one. |EA Sports has made this possible. FIFA is an acronym for Football Association of the United Nations.
You only need to watch one FGS tournament for 60 minutes or more to earn a player token if there are several FGS tournaments taking place in a single day. It is not possible to earn additional FGS player tokens by attending more than one event in a given weekend. Anyone who previously linked both accounts for FIFA 20 will not have to repeat the process. Players may not receive tokens in their accounts for up to seven days after the event has ended, according to EA. In addition, FGS player tokens are only available for purchase during a specific FGS Swaps release period.

Earning FGS Player Tokens at the appropriate times
Players can only earn tokens with Swaps 2 rewards because player tokens for FGS Swaps 1 have already been exhausted. A total of 8 player tokens are available for the FIFA Global Series 21 Swaps 2. There are still some FGS player tokens available for use in the regional playoffs that are currently taking place. The first four regional playoffs have already been completed, leaving only three more opportunities to earn FGS player tokens. In addition to those mentioned above, the following regional playoffs are held:
Brazil and South America: June 24-27
June 2nd-4th in Europe (for Xbox players)
9-11 July in Europe (for PlayStation 4 players).
There will be two language options available for the South America regional broadcast: Spanish and Portuguese. Whatever channels players choose to watch, they will receive the same amount of money.