Exactly how to develop a wood pellet factory?<br>

In short, to develop a wood pellet factory, you need:

Find secure biomass material supply

Find your factory near the raw materials and with hassle-free website traffic

Layout your manufacturing facility layout, as well as put precaution right

Acquisition wood pellet production devices according to your demand, as well as hire staffs

Establish consumers and also representatives in your home and abroad

Basic material for wood pellet production

What biomass products do you have? Do you have bountiful supply? Are your biomass products qualified for making pellets? These are the questions you require to consider before building a wood pellet factory

If you have accessibility to farms, you can make use of numerous farming wastes like plant straw, rice husk, lawn, cotton stalks, and so on. If you have access to forestry, you can use forestry wastes like fallen leaves, branches, barks, bamboos, bagasse, EFB, etc. If you have accessibility to saw mill or furniture factory, you can use sawdust, wood powder, wood chips, etc.

You can acquire biomass materials from wood handling factories or vineyard owners. The cost of virgin fibers is $70-80/ bunch, while the cost of recycled wood is reduced, about $55-65/ bunch. As well as you need consider your range from the supplier to exercise the transport price.

The raw materials cost is affected by the moisture web content, due to the fact that you require additional cost for drying out. The higher the wetness material, the extra you need invest in manufacturing. You 'd much better select those with reduced wetness web content.

Situate your wood pellet manufacturing facility.

The location of your factory ought to be large sufficient to hold wood pellet manufacturing, storage, and transport. Remember to schedule some places for growth.

Water resource. The manufacturing facility location must have sufficient and stable supply of water. Constant and efficient production rely on simple access to water.

Electrical energy. To drive massive devices like pellet maker, hammer mill, drum dryer, and also counterflow cooler, we need big electrical ability. Typically we need to mount transformers to make certain power supply.

Website traffic ease. It is suggest to situate your factory near the raw product supply and also with practical transportation. It can conserve your transport price and facilitate advertising and marketing and also distribution.

At last, take the rental fee, power price, water cost, regional policy right into factor to consider. Normally, the big the manufacturing range, the lower the device expense, and also the higher the financial returns.

Wood pellet manufacturing facility design

All wood pellet production tools must be prepared compactly to decrease the conveying distance. The devices must be put based on the structure of the workshop to help with procedure, upkeep, as well as management.

Significant manufacturing tools like hammer mill, as well as wood pellet maker ought to be positioned near the window so that the good lightening facilitate operation.

Set up the area for raw material storage, wood pellet manufacturing, as well as pellet storage space reasonably to make full use the area.

Make sure safety measures remain in area. Leave sufficient fire separation distance. The raw products storehouse ought to have ceilings as well as separators to stop water and fire.

Install wood pellet manufacturing equipment

Pick wood pellet equipment with ideal ability according to your need. We offer wood pellet production line with the productivity from 1t/h to 10t/h. If you require or any type of questions, please leave us a message.

Mainly, the raw materials need pre-treatment before making pellets.richi pelletoffer to decrease the wetness content in biomass products. It has air movement clothes dryer as well as drum clothes dryer 2 types. Air circulation clothes dryer has little dimension and also applies to products with the diameter of 3-5mm. Drum dryer has high ability and puts on large size materials.

Hammer mill is used to reduce the dimension of biomass products from under 30mm to 3-5mm. If the dimension of resources is over 30mm, you need a disc chipper or drum chipper to cut the raw products right into wood chips.

For huge range manufacturing, counterflow pellet cooler and pellet packaging device are important. The cooler offers to lower the temperature of recently produced pellets, and boost their firmness. Pellet packaging maker can fill wood pellets in bags by fixed quantities, to make sure that they are convenient for transportation and also marketing.

The devices ought to be able to run continually for 24h, with high efficiency and also reduced failing price. The mold and mildews should have long service life. Pick a solid and skilled maker. You can examine its operation period and range, and also recognize whether it has acquired the ISO9001 and also CE certifications.

Recruit teams

After confirming your manufacturing scale, you can recruit teams according to real demand.

Generally, wood pellet production produces large quantity of dirt, which will add to labor cost. Adoption of high automated wood pellet production line can reduce the labor price.

Develop wood pellet market

Establish your clients as well as representatives to make sure that your wood pellets have secure sales network.richi pelletcan create both domestic and also oversea market. Presently, Europe and also The United States And Canada are the major wood pellet market, Korea and Japan are expanding market.

You can market wood pellets to family members, that utilize wood pellets in home heating stoves and also cooking varieties.

You can offer wood pellets to power plant for thermal power generation, or industrial central heating boiler users to replace coal, petroleum, and gas.