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Child's Self Portrait

My child turned three and has drawn an image of himself with his head higher than his body, and his arms and legs are rising from his skull! The child didn't pull any specifics such as toes or fingers. Should I be worried about his self-portrait?


Dear First Time Mom,

It seems to me like your son is in the right direction! Most children their age are drawing the same kind of pictures of themselves.

Did you know that children go through stages of drawing as other stages of development? 


Children draw self-portraits using scribbled lines at daycare open near mebefore progressing to larger, more circular forms. 


In the third phase, you'll recognize some resemblances to the objects they are drawing, and they love pointing at the things and people in their images. It seems to me that your son is in the fourth stage, where children begin drawing people in the manner you describe, with feet and arms attached to their heads. 


Then, they start drawing bodies, and their drawings are more realistic. Plenty of excellent resources are available that discuss the evolution of artwork; if you are interested in this topic, I highly suggest reading more about the subject!


While your child is drawing his drawings, This is an excellent opportunity to ask questions and improve his vocabulary. Please compliment him on his picture and ask him to talk to you about the drawing. 


Don't judge what you see. You may be surprised by his imagination and creativity! Use open-ended phrases to guide the discussion, like "tell me about this" when you point to an area of the drawing. 


Watch as he talks about himself, and then continue to discuss using open-ended sentences. After the conversation is over and you've hung the picture together, turn it on the refrigerator or at a location where it can be seen by the person drawing it. 


As he gets older and more confident, best daycare near me, his self-portraits will become more detailed and expressive.


Teachers in the classroom often save their images for portfolios for this reason alone, and it is fascinating to look back to see how students have grown and developed.


Do not forget to put the drawing date on it and save it for the future; it could become a masterpiece for your family!



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