Earn double XP, gold, and loot in the Elder Scrolls Online Explorer's Celebration

Starting today, you'll have a chance to earn Double XP, Drops, and Gold in Tamriel at the Elder Scrolls Online Explorer Celebration.

The event is scheduled to run until November 16 at 10 am ET. During the event period, you can get double drops from harvest nodes, excluding fishing. You can also take advantage of double XP from each source that accumulates with other XP boosts, including scrolls. You can also earn double ESO gold by killing monsters, earning quest rewards, and more.

These bonuses apply to all Elder Scrolls Online zones, including the recently released Markarth zones from Reach and Arkthzand Caverns. Please note that, unlike other events, Explorer's Celebration will not provide event tickets. It does not contain unique missions and the like. It really is an event meant to award bonuses.

The event runs this weekend only, so go out there and earn your bonuses.