PCB Repair Tips - FS Technology

Many people do not know much about the maintenance of circuit boards. Next, FS Technology will explain the maintenance skills of PCBs.

1. Observation method

When we receive an FS Tech PCB for repair, we first take a closer look at what it looks like. If the PCB is burnt, please confirm that the power supply PCB is normal before turning on the PCB, and then turn it on again to ensure that no secondary damage will be caused. The observation method is a static verification method, when using the observation method, the following steps are usually followed.

Step 1: Check whether the PCB is artificially damaged;

Step 2: Check whether the PCB components are burned out;

Step 3: Test the integrated circuits in the PCB;

pcb repair

Step 4: Check the chain for loose, burnt or damaged caterpillars. It is a copper hole that sinks from the platform;

Step 5: Check the fuses (including fuses and thermistors) in the FS Technology PCB to make sure the fuses are not blown. Sometimes the fuse is too thin to see, and auxiliary equipment such as a multimeter can be used to determine whether the fuse is damaged.

2. Fixed measurement method

For most printed circuit boards, previous methods of observation do not detect problems. Although a small number of PCBs may be physically deformed for some reason, the cause of the failure is not difficult to determine. point on the graph. Methods of measuring, identifying and solving problems.

Before measuring, first determine whether the circuit is controlled by an analog or digital signal. The following are just standard methods for measuring digital circuits, and management basically follows the steps below.

Step 1: Use a multimeter to check whether there is a short circuit between the power supply and the ground;

Step 2: Measure the diode with a multimeter and check that it is working properly;

Step 3: Use a resistance multimeter to measure the capacitance to see if it is a short circuit or an open circuit. If there is, it means that there is a problem with this part of the FS technology circuit. The unit or circuit associated with it. ;

Step 4: Measure integrated circuits, transistors, resistors, etc. with a multimeter. In the PCB, see if they match their own logic characteristics

Circuit board maintenance skills

Tips and Warnings Most PCB management issues can be resolved by reviewing both observational and static measurement methods. Remember that the power supply must be normal, so as not to damage the secondary circuit after the next step.

3. Network measurement method

The Internet measurement method is commonly used by manufacturers who produce PCBs in series. . Internet measurement methods basically solve two problems. The first is to isolate the problems found in the first two steps, and finally the problematic components are eliminated. Second, in the above two-stage test, the problem is not resolved, so the cause of the failure must be determined through Internet measurements. The Internet measurement method is mainly used to compare two good and bad PCBs, through which problems can be found and solved.