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Entrepreneurs should be able to determine when they are ready to offer up a stake in their company and if their product/service is capable of convincing investors holistically. Fintech start-ups that have well-developed infrastructure are better equipped to attract seed capital. As infrastructure is critical to continual achievement sustainability, venture capitalists prioritize the presence of defined infrastructure when making investments. Networks play an important role as well. In order to find their dream investors, start-ups must attend seminars and build connections. It is important for venture capitalists to understand whether they are making a good investment. Furthermore, entrepreneurs must demonstrate credibility in their business model, future goals, and implementation of strategies in order to convince them. With Blaq Ventures, Africa's leading tech institutional investor, you can transform and elevate your business. Get pre-seed funding, comprehensive business mentorship, and strategic support from one of the leading venture capital firms for tech start-ups. Launch your business sky-high and experience incremental growth alongside dedicated mentoring programs, be prepared to get seed funding and have access to follow-on funding.