What to wear to an Indian wedding being a Guest?

 Wedding bells!!Finding out what to wear in the Wedding Function? Don’t Worry we are here to guide you and help to make your choose Lehenga or saree which is in trend. Indian Weddings in India are contemplate as one of the most joyous and cheerful celebrations to attend! With a queue of radiant ceremonies and an extended hours of preparation and enjoyment piled up for the eminent Indian wedding wear, these functions are celebrated as festivities and are amongst  the most elaborated and cherish-worthy events. In respect of Indian wedding, it is there are chances to invite for varied function of Indian Wedding. If you qualify for it then you have to start assembling your wardrobe


Being a wedding guest, the excitements of attending the marriage with all the functions included ccan instantly bribe all of us. Whether it is your bridesmaid or you are from Ladkewala side, the query will always numb you -

“What to wear for the Indian wedding functions?”




From the perspective of cultural aspect to presenting it before the social platform, it is always beneficial to have a pre assembled wardrobe for every wedding function right starting from Lagun, Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, Cocktail and finally the Wedding day. Each gathering of an Indian wedding has a its own cultural recognition and importance and carried out differently in terms of culture, social and religious belief. And that really means that you have to roll up your sleeve and give your best efforts to select your wedding party outfits. Indian Wedding is the event with emotions, social belief, wealth and cultures. It will and always plays a vital part for every Indian Family and they really like to celebrate it with their extended family and friend. Considering it one of the important step in the Bride-Groom’s Life people like it to celebrate in the most joyous and traditional form with all the rituals performed by the Pandit and with the most lavish and delicious dinner with 100+ dishes to offer for guest. So, yes you can say that Indian Wedding are the perfect place where you can discover how Indians serve their guest.


This Article will cater you to plan the correct outfit for every single Indian wedding function, 


Read down what you can wear in different Wedding Functions.


What is the apparel theme of all the different function? Should you wear an exquisite designer gown- or some Indian traditional Lehenga? – Most of us are mind are complied up on how to maintain a balance in terms of social responsibility, couture and individual taste.


 Whether you are entrenched in India or belong to some other country throughout the worldany - we would recommend you to style up according to the Indian heritage- it’s better to embrace an Contemporary Indian wear. Designer Saree, Dhoti and Lehenga are one of the most common wedding apparel. However, the style and outfit can differ from religion to religion.


North and West Indian weddings festivities are usually more like a Big Indian Fat Wedding tye and flashy. So look for some Heavy embroidered Lehenga with brocade blouse and style it 2 embellished dupatta or a Designer organza or net saree with a contrast or karigari blouse. Heavy pearl-embedded necklines and zari embellishments gives a oomph factor for such festivities.


South and East Indian weddings are relatively calm. But when it comes to selecting on what to wear for the functions, women takes a gratification in wearing contemporary saree like Kota Silk Sarees, Tussar silks, Kaanjevram silk sarees, Pattu sarees, and other varieties of silk sarees and its sub categories. Exhibitive crafted gold jewelry also plays very vital part of the wedding attire. Wearing a saree is not a priority , you can even select any sheer silk dress or gown for the festivities. 


Nikah, the marital ceremony of the Islam community, also wear a like-a like apparel, with a different concept of variations in colors and coture styles. Sharara Garara suits, Anarkali , and Modern lehenga suits with green and black hues are suitable for the function. Despite  in most other communities, black outfits are considerale for a Nikah ceremony.


Your overall outfit will have some influence with the community guidelines and paying homage to the culture and heritage. Unlike, as a guest, you can even wear a organza sareefor a South Indian wedding and a Silk gown for a North Indian one. The ideal trait of the outfit should be contemporary and modern.




Traditional wear is palette of colors, and so is the theme of Indian weddings. These functions give you the freedom to indulge in varied range of colors. You can wear any color that suits you or might add a glow to your skin tone go ahead and choose that colour over any colour. Apparently, heavy red/maroon Lehenga or a bright lehenga cholis are mainly considered for the bride.




The contemporary thinking of the society is to attend a social function with tons of gold ornament. Indians love showing off their Naulakha haar and diamonds on such days while attending an Indian marriage is. While finalizing your wardrobe, choose your accessories according to the social function you are attending to. Closer the bond from Bride-Groom side, the substantial the jewellery!


However, there has been a paradigm shift towards a dressing theme of subtleness and you can even experiment with your wardrobe far away from the wedding supremacy, these days you can dress up with a chill vibe like you can wear minimal accessories, most importantly as a wedding guest. So if you do not possess a Naulakha haar then it is absolutely fine if you have nothing to wear, Nowadays it is considered fashion.


Choosing exclusive footwear is also important if you are someone who is a Fashion Police. It’s good to have a pair of juttis with some of embroidery, colorful sandal, and pearl-studded heels for such function. You can completely skip high heels for the wedding since the rituals if Indian Wedding really takes long time. 


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