Top Reasons: Is College Better Than High School?

As the 2020–2021 school year draws to a close, many high school students are likely to be upset that they spent a lot of their time in high school online rather of attending football games, high school dances, pep rallies, and other exciting events that many teens look forward to. Remember that even though this last year has been everything but typical, the best is yet to come. If you want to know is college better than high school, then you are at the right place.

Although having to attend school online may seem quite discouraging, there are a lot of exciting things to look forward to in the future. It's common for college students to prefer their time there to their time in high school.


Top Reasons: Is College Better Than High School?

  1. College offers so much more independence than high school does.

You can decide for yourself about a lot of things in college. For instance, no one will question your decision to leave your apartment or hostel in the middle of the night to obtain food. Alternatively, you can go on a Saturday morning to discover new locations without having to justify your absence from that important school assignment! This freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, is made so much more enjoyable by this freedom.


  1. You are more likely to find true friends because there is typically a greater variety of people.

Making friends in high school can be challenging because cliques can form in both middle and high school. Making friends might occasionally feel forced. Making friends is lot simpler and generally more authentic in college.


Finding friends in college is simple due to the abundance of options due to the large student population. Additionally, most schools provide clubs for just about any activity you can imagine. If your preferred activity isn't offered, you can create your own club with other kids who share your interests and who may later become your friends.


  1. Most people are far more tolerant.

Everyone in college is going through a life change and attempting to define who they are. The majority of college students are fairly welcoming and open-minded. Many students feel like they have to act or appear a certain way in high school, but this is not the case in college. Nobody is going to judge what you choose to wear. Remember that while this is often the case, particularly at public schools, there may be variations depending on the university.

You are allowed to set your own schedule. Here's some effective tips for how to get interest in studies.


  1. College is more pleasurable than high school in part because you may create your own schedule and select the courses, professors, and times that work best for you. As a result, depending on whether you like the morning or the evening, you might have a highly flexible schedule. One of the things I did was to only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that I could have a four-day weekend every week. The flexibility of classes also depends on the college you attend, but generally speaking, there will be a variety of possibilities, particularly for freshman. You can check to determine which professors have received higher ratings before choosing one with whom to take a class.


There are a lot of reasons to be excited about college. Remember that college will be much better than high school, despite the epidemic taking out a portion of it. You will have a fantastic college experience, regardless of the institution you choose. Get pumped up because you're about to experience some of your best days ever!