5 Tips: How to Be Popular in Middle School


Everyone goes through a difficult time in middle school as they adjust to their changing bodies and emotions and worry about what other people truly think of them. But don't worry; all it takes to be popular in middle school is to stand out, be sociable, and be the best version of yourself while remaining true to who you are. If you want to know how to be popular in middle school then you are at the right place.



  1. Make an effort to be seen. Making others notice you and want to be around you is one of the biggest elements to becoming popular. You have to put yourself out there in order to achieve that. You won't leave a favourable impression if you spend all of your time by yourself in the hallways, worrying about your upcoming lesson, or frowning the entire while you're in gym class. Let them see you laughing and having a good time so they want to spend time with you too. This is the key to making people want to be around you.


  1. Make a statement—and for good reason. Even while arriving at school in only your swimming suit will make you stick out, such attention might not be what you're going for. You need to make yourself known so that when your name is spoken, people will think well of you. This will help you stand out in a favourable way. Here are some strategies for standing out:

  2. Join a group. Joining a team and participating in a sport are terrific ways to meet new people and get to know them, in addition to being a great way to get some exercise and feel better. You can play soccer after school and get in a fantastic exercise without having to be the team's standout player. Make an attempt to participate in at least one sport, whether it's on your school's team or in an intramural league, to increase your chances of meeting a variety of fascinating people.

  3. Attend clubs. As you explore your hobbies, joining clubs will also help you meet others, put yourself out there, and develop into a more intriguing person. Choose a subject that truly interests you, such as debate, French, Model UN, or a variety of other topics, and stick with it. Become a club leader and utilise your influence to advance the organisation and meet new people.

  4. Have a variety of interests You know more individuals the more activities you engage in. Additionally, the more people you know, the more likely it is that they will recognise you and that their faces won't go blank when your name is mentioned. Play soccer, join the drama club, work as a student assistant in the library—do whatever interests you and take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people. On the other hand, you should know what is the aim of education.



Jessica George, MA, CHt, contributed to the writing of this piece. Jessica George is a certified professional master life coach, marriage and family therapist, and co-founder of Evolve Therapy Coaching in Glendale, California. She has more than 20 years of experience, and her areas of expertise include clinical hypnotherapy, couples counselling, and hybrid therapy and coaching. The University of California, Santa Barbara awarded Jessica her undergraduate degree, while Ryokan College awarded her an MA in Counseling Psychology and Talk Therapy. Jessica has received training in both the Gottman and Imago techniques for couples counselling. She also has certifications in Infinite Possibilities Relationships and Professional Life-Coaching from The Fowler Academy. The International Board of Coaches and Practitioners includes her as a member (IBCP). There are viewers of this article.