What will the future of software testing look like and what jobs are available in 2022?



It is projected that the technical sector will continue to grow in the near future. Information technology is one of the fastest-growing and most lucrative fields for people looking for a career in the technical field and admission into the corporate world. Software testing is therefore regarded as the cornerstone of any provider of IT goods or services, and its application is growing every day. Its industry is expected to be valued at $13 billion USD globally, making it one of the biggest employers and recruiters globally. One needs to be an expert in the field in order to be hired.


These days, there is a great need for highly skilled software testers, making this a very sought-after career path. Either one can work for an independent software testing firm or the internal software testing division of a premier corporation. The potential for growth in the software testing industry is very high. Studies predict that this industry will have a $50 million market value by 2014 and a CAGR of 14%.


Additionally, the pay for these software testers is respectable and varies according to their level of experience. The majority of companies pay testers on par with developers, and some smaller companies may even pay testers more than developers. It is imperative to be aware of all the career options and employment opportunities this business offers given the increasing demand for these people. In order to particularly inform our global audience about the prospective applications and employment prospects for software testing in 2022, we have created this educational blog.

Functions and Duties of a Software Testing Professional:

The following is a list of some of these professionals' principal duties and roles:

  • I'll be making test plans and going over the software's requirements.

  • Testing the usability of software.

  • analysing test results to identify any bugs or issues, database effects, and usability

  • This entails writing reports on each aspect of software testing for the design team.

  • Work with the software engineers and project support teams.

  • Executing stress, scalability, performance, and functional tests.

  • Pay attention to systems and software.

Requirements for a career in software testing

Professional software testing is a technical field that requires expertise in the corresponding technological subject. If you have a B. Tech/B. E., MCA, BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications), or B.Sc. in computers, you can get work rapidly. To learn about software development and other testing techniques, you must pass a software testing certification exam, such as the ISTQB or CSTE.

Results of Software Testing for Learning:

The following is a list of some of the learning objectives you'll experience as a software testing professional:

  • Enhances understanding of fundamental topics and global testing standards.

  • Has proven analytical abilities.

  • It makes sure that everyone knows how reputable you are as a test professional.

  • It's a fantastic way to break into the rapidly growing agile testing market.

  • Employees become more crucial to the business as their analytical and practical skills advance.

Opportunities for Employment in Software Testing:

Recently, many people have found great success in the highly lucrative field of software testing. There are many different employment options available in software testing. You could choose to work as a test manager, senior testing manager, QA manager, or in a variety of different professions, for example. Professionally qualified software testers are in high demand and are widely sought after in the industry today. One can either join an independent software testing company or the internal software testing division of a top company. So let's talk about various career options in the software testing industry.

1. Junior QA Engineer/Software Tester:

By 2029, it is predicted that the number of quality assurance analysts in employment will have statistically increased by 22%. This indicates how in-demand these professionals are, together with quality assurance analysts, software engineers, and testers. Before the program is made available to the general public, these professionals ensure that it passes all testing. They also keep an eye on every step of the product's development, testing, and delivery to make sure it complies with quality requirements. They work as a team and report to a manager.

2.Senior QA Engineer / Software Tester

For software and product design companies, managing the activities of the quality assurance team is a well-paying role. Their main duties include assuring the effective deployment of company products as well as overseeing the creation of test papers and procedures. Additionally, those with experience tend to get hired for this position.

3.Test Architect

In essence, these experts are hired by companies that give testing automation and technology a high emphasis. You must be technically adept, well-versed, and up to date on the newest tools and technology. If you're looking for a position that is entirely technical, this might be the best career decision for you.

4.Test Lead / QA Lead:

These professionals play a crucial role in the business as they create QA methods and procedures and then supervise the testing of a product or service. Furthermore, because of the industry's continuously growing resource base and demand, quality assurance is becoming a popular career choice for many. As a result, it would be wise for you to think about working in this field.

5.Superior lead:

This is the top position in the quality division. The quality lead for a corporation is in charge of all aspects of quality assurance. It's necessary to have both managerial and technical expertise for this position. To succeed in this role, one needs a significant amount of experience as well as a history of successfully managing numerous teams, projects, and services. As a result, you are able to maintain such a high position.


The twenty-first century has bestowed its blessings on the information technology sector, and current trends suggest that this will continue. Because breakthroughs occur at the blink of an eye, any job in the field of information technology will need to advance even further in the next decades.

Congratulations on making a wise choice if you're thinking about building a profession out of software testing.