He is among the Nets' stars players.


The Nets meeting with the Magic, Kyrie Irving scored 60 points for himself to Nba 2k23 mt help the team win. With a rating over 91 from NBA 2K23.

He is among the Nets' stars players.Although his Magic team's performance is low in this game, it's not to be dismissed as useless. In the previous game against the 76ers The Magic team played the game into overtime, even though they lost in the end.

However, this also proves that the Magic have some power. If you play against a team with this type of talent the Magic can get 60 points with six rebounds, four assists as well as four steals this proves Kyrie Irving's skill at scoring in the arena is beyond doubt.2K23's review of IrvingAlthough Irving hasn't been able to play in a few games in the past, his play has been well-maintained. Maybe NBA 2K took a fancy to this.

On the 16th of March, Kyrie Irving's dark matter card was unveiled. The card Kyrie Irving is a defensive scoring of 99. All shooting attributes are higher than 95.

And of all 19 Shooting Badges owned, there are twelve Hall of Fame badges. This is a clear indication of the skill of Irving on the offensive end and nobody will be able to buy mt nba 2k23  match him. On the defensive, he's scoring 79 point because NBA 2K knows him very effectively, and with Irving in the game, there's only one thing he does most often, playing nonstop.