How To Apply For NSW Engineering Registration

If you dream of NSW Engineering registration under the Design and Building Practitioner scheme, then this blog is a must-read for you. Here, we will tell you about the requirements you need to fulfill and the way you should apply for registration. So, carefully read this blog.

NSW Engineering Registration eligibility criteria:

To be qualified for this class of registration, you need to prove that you:

·        Are at least 18.

·        Possess the appropriate qualification as an engineer.

·        Fulfill insurance requirements

·        Have a current National Police Certificate.

·        Have a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience

Only an individual can apply for a Professional Engineer Registration.

If you are qualified, then you can register for any class of Professional Engineer, design practitioner or building practitioner you wish. The condition for this is you must fulfill the relevant eligibility criteria for each class.

You are ineligible for NSW Engineering Registration if:

You, as a design practitioner, don’t have the relevant qualifications as an engineer.

You have been declared bankrupt.


You are without the necessary qualifications and experience. It will not allow you to be registered as a Professional Engineer under the registration scheme.

However, if you are not eligible to get registered, then you may keep working under the direct supervision of a registered engineer.

Companies can’t apply for registration; only individuals can.

How to apply for NSW Engineering Registration:

To get yourself registered as an NSW professional engineer, you will need:

A MyService NSW account

A police check (National Police Certificate) that is issued within 4 months from when you submit your application (name and date of birth check only)

Identity proof

A copy of your qualification or/and transcript

Membership of the accrediting organization or/and letters of authorization from accredited recognizing bodies

Proof of existing licences in your work field (ensure that those licence details are up to date and in harmony with your proof of identity documents)

Details about your project experience, namely:

·        DA/CC/CDC number

·        Project address

·        Building class

·        Dates you began and finished the work

·        Contractor or employer who engaged you for the project

·        Name and contact details of a referee who validate these details regarding your experience

·        Principal contractor or licensed builder who is responsible for the project

Mutual Recognition:

You can apply under mutual recognition to get your professional Engineers registration accredited in NSW without requiring the demonstration of your qualifications and experience again. It will make it easier for you to get registered as a Professional Engineer under the registration scheme provided you notify the authority. It will make it possible for you to work as a Professional Engineer on class 2 buildings.

Keep in mind that mutual recognition applies to every state and territory. However, Queensland and Victoria have registration systems for Professional Engineers.

For registration, you are required to have:

·        Proof of Identity

·        A notice of registration under mutual recognition

·        A copy of your current registration

You can keep on working as a professional engineer in NSW while your application is being evaluated. If your application gets a positive assessment, the registration ID you received upon application will stay the same, and you can continue working as a Professional Engineer.


Remember that mutual recognition doesn’t mean that you can prepare regulated designs or make design compliance declarations. You will be required to apply separately to get registered as a design practitioner in the relevant class.