Bulk SMS although a very effective mobile marketing strategy, requires a proper method to use it, otherwise it will not give us favorable results. Every time, I search for a bulk SMS Companies near me, I must check whether they use these “3 STEPS FORMULA FOR BULK SMS MARKETING” or not.

So let’s discuss, what are those 3 formulas.

  • Send Bulk SMS

Send SMS from your computer to potential clients and attract with them your great offers. Make sure to send bulk SMS from a computer at right time to get a good response.

Timing plays a major role, for instance, if you schedule for the morning, normally nowadays people check their mobiles just in few minutes after they wake up. It gives a good response to send the message at 9 am sharp. On the other hand, if you send it during office working hours then there is less chance to open and read the messages.


  • Meet Buyers

Attracted from your great offers, often potential buyers visit you to grab the offers. So not forget to thank them for responding to your SMS campaign. Greet them and guarantee for better offer next time too.

A nice meeting or greetings build a trustful and healthy relationship with your customer which is necessary for long-term business with them.


  • Time To Manage

After sales, it’s time to manage your profits and services and follow up with your clients. Ensure your service follow-ups or sell them more advantageous products and services to the same client.

A proper follow-up gets the attention of the customer and makes him feel more important to you. Chances of future sales will increase and you can get long-term business from him.



  • SMS marketing on non-DND numbers.
  • It is possible to extract the DND Numbers list without being charged.
  • Instant Delivery and Reports.
  • Delivery Assured or Your Money Back.


The most economical method for generating warm leads and new sales is bulk SMS marketing. DGAS SKYWORLD offers a variety of tailored SMS marketing solutions that let business owners, nonprofits, and not-for-profit organizations connect with their current and new customers.