Application Process Of IMechE Chartered Engineer

Knowing the IMechE Chartered Engineer application process will help you prepare much better for chartership. So, read this whole blog to know the six steps of the application process to attain CEng status.

IMechE CEng application process:


1.   Check your qualifications:

The authority needs to check your academic profile to make sure that it satisfies the benchmark for registration. As a candidate, you can use its Qualification checker or reach the IMechE membership team to check your qualifications.

2.   Fill up the application form:

If you have used IMechE’s Qualification checker to know if you fulfill the academic requirements for registration as a Chartered Engineer and you have not already been registered with the Engineering Council as a CEng, apply online or submit a per-based application (PDF that can be edited).

If you are on its Monitored Professional Development Schemes (MPDS), apply to the MPDS route. Hire an IMechE specialist to know more about this.

If already registered with another institution, you can join IMechE through a very straightforward process.

3.   Have support from two sponsors:

You will need two sponsors to agree to sponsor your application and sign your application.

An applicant for chartership has to be sponsored by one Chartered Engineer. Sponsors can have registration with any Engineering Council-listed professional engineering institution. It’s not mandatory to be one of its members. The second sponsor can be another registered engineer or your line manager. Remember that your sponsor can’t be a direct family member.

4.   Submit your application:

Having completed and proofread your application form, submit it to IMechE authority with any required application fees and many support documents. If not on its Monitored Professional Development Schemes (MPDS), submit an application using the MPDS route.

5.   Professional Review Interview:

Once IMechE has processed your papers, it will invite you to have a professional review interview. You can choose your preferred interview location on your application form, face-to-face, virtual, Armed Forces or internationally.

You will be required to contact the authority to confirm your availability for this interview. If you don’t do so, your application can have delayed.

The professional review interview is a compulsory part of the membership process. Every Chartered Engineer, no matter what their discipline is, has to have an interview.

The interviewers will pay heed to your most recent and related experience. They will judge you mainly based on the information you provided in your application and your performance in the interview.

The interview will take nearly 45 minutes.

6.   What happens after that:

Once you have given your interview, the evaluators will make one of two recommendations, elect to membership or not.

If successful, you will get a letter and a certificate from its President and Chief Executive confirming your attainment. After that, your name will be sent to the Engineering Council for Registration.

Your name will be published on the Engineering Council website on the first Thursday of the coming March, June, September or December.

If the application fails, IMechE will write to you and explain the reason for this decision. You will also be provided some guidance as to how you may want to address the concerns raised, to submit your paper again at a later date.

Any applicant can ask for a copy of their interview paperwork, feedback and scores.


The authority has an arbitration and appeals process, in which those applicants who are not satisfied with the process may appeal within a limited period.