The less skilled team could be as the primary attacker

Kuminga's current ranking in NBA 2K, Kuminga's current rating is 79 points, also in the NBA league, he is already ranked in 2K MT the 50-70 range who play in this league.

If not, nobody would discuss Viking that is the more powerful team than s or cuminga.Although Kuminga has not played much time in general in recent games however, his performance on playing court was extremely positive.

Because the Warriors inside line is weak and prone to injury, he must keep fires out of the way frequently and is able to block an opponent's attack.

A defender who can help Kuminga is a defender who helps others; there aren't many hard-working defenders like him.

Due to his muscular body and excellent running and jumping Kuminga has the potential to be among the top 50 teams in the league when it comes to offense. Although many strategies need to be developed, his capability to make free throws is still powerful so that the overall efficiency is higher than the league average.

The less skilled team could be as the primary attacker.Urgent problems for Kuminga's shooting skills of Kuminga are the current shortcoming. The team is ranked around 200 in the league. It is very low for the Warriors with their high shooting level. One reason for Buy NBA 2K23 MT Coins the poor shooting at this stage is the deficiency of muscle memory.