Portable Dental X-Ray Machine BLX-10 Dental Digital X-Ray Unit Equipment

Portable Dental X-Ray Machine BLX-10 Dental Digital X-Ray Unit Equipment



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The Preservation and Delivery

After long time stop using the machine, removing the battery from the machine custody. (Or stop using for long time, it need to charge battery every 3 months.)

a) Method of Preservation

1. Please keep in the dry place.

2. Please keep in places not affected by the negative effects of pressure, temperature, ventilation, sunlight, dust, salt, sulfur powder and air, etc.

3. Please note that the security status caused by the tilt, vibration, shock.

4. Please keep the place from chemical storage sites or dangerous gas explosion.

5. In order to ensure the normal running, please note that maintain the temperature as follows:

1) The temperature and humidity range of custody: -5-40 ℃, ≤ 90%

2) The temperature and humidity range of usage :5-40 ° C, ≤ 80%

a) The rated parameters of x-ray production device

  ◆Tube voltage: 70kv (fixed)

  ◆Tube current: 1MA (fixed)

  ◆High voltage generating circuit: High frequency switch

  ◆X-ray control method: Microprocessor control

  ◆Time setting range: 0.05-1.2 seconds

b) Weight: 1.95kg

c) Size: 215*140*160 mm

d) X-ray tubing

◆Type: bipolar fixed x-ray tube

◆X-ray tube Model: DG-073B-DC

◆The size of x-ray tube focal spot: 0.3*0.3mm

◆ANODE heating unit: 8.5Khu

◆Maximum tube voltage: 75Kv

◆Target angle: 21°

◆Total filtration: 1.6mmAL (Origin filtration: 0.8mmAL, Additional filtration: 1mmAL)

◆X-ray irradiation range: 73mm (roundness)

e) Useage voltage: battery DC16.8V

f) Charger: Input AC100-240V, Output: DC16.8V

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