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Dual Cultivation

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Chapter 897 - Mu Yuechan bow woman
"Permit her to go." A different speech suddenly resounded, leading to all people there to turn their travel.
"I Then won't be very humble." Mu Yuechan claimed as she handled the teleport creation, disappearing through the software.
"No, I don't. Will you makes an exception? I actually have company with the Alone Fairies' Enhanced Palace and also their Sect Grasp Luo Ziyi," she said.
"Setup the teleport for any Sacred Lands. I have got some business there," she believed to them.
All of them nodded in contract.
"I Then won't be humble." Mu Yuechan mentioned as she approached the teleport development, vanishing from your program.
As soon as the guards read their identity are derived from Mu Yuechan's jaws despite meeting her for the first time, their view widened with impact, along with their physiques trembled in worry.
"R-Straight away!"
"Let her enter the Sacred Lands." General Kai recurring, and he continued, "I am going to carry all responsibilities if a thing takes place."
"Mu Yuechan."
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Mu Yuechan remained calm and explained, "Permit me to consult with your supervisor."
If the guards noticed their identify derive from Mu Yuechan's mouth area despite achieving her the very first time, their vision increased with distress, along with their body systems trembled in anxiety.
"I remember that point she revealed the Immersed Divine Palace's million-year or so corruption and evil deeds on the Four Divine Heavens, creating their demise without shifting one finger! She could literally spoil a person's full living if they have committed even a individual criminal activity!"
On the other hand, following coming into the teleport formation, Mu Yuechan made an appearance around directly away from the Sacred Areas, where substantially more guards were actually submitted.
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"General Why?" The guards required him after.
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"Will you be nuts? Despite the fact that she's a peerless beauty, who will dare to turn into her gentleman? She'll burrow up your entire strategies before you even blink!"
She given them her medallion.
The guards there swallowed nervously, quietly engraving their general's ideas within their hearts.
Mu Yuechan stayed nonchalant and said, "I don't attention. Just hurry up and put together the teleport structure. We have some company to take care of within the Sacred Lands."
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"R-Straight away!"
"Mu Yuechan She's definitely as frightening when the rumors say"
"I Then won't be simple." Mu Yuechan said as she handled the teleport development, vanishing out of the software.
"The Lonesome Fairies' Processed Palace? I'm sorry, but whether or not you're Mu Yuechan, I cannot permit you to enter into without authorization from the Empress on the Sacred Areas, especially when you're for the Depressed Fairies' Enhanced Palace."
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"How much?" Mu Yuechan requested the guards after.
"I'm sorry, Fairy Immortal Mu, but even though you may speak with the General"
"Greetings, Immortal Fairy Mu." The guards there quickly bowed to her as soon as they confirmed her ident.i.ty.
"Anyways, carry on guarding the Sacred Lands. I have a conference later on." Standard Kai still left the arena shortly after.
Mu Yuechan nodded before tugging out a recliner and taking a chair on the spot.
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She handed them her medallion.
"Greetings, Immortal Fairy Mu." The guards there quickly bowed to her the moment they approved her ident.i.ty.