An Invention That Changed the World

An invention that changed the world can be described as a product, idea, or process that was revolutionary and made life easier or more convenient.Highly recommended Web-siteand processes may have great social or economic impact, or both. It can also have cultural or other impact, depending on who develops it and why. Sometimes an invention is so useful and beneficial that it causes a new industry, profession, or movement.

When you write an essay on an invention that changed the world, you must be very clear about the kind of impact the invention had on society. Were the changes good or bad? What industries or professions were created? How did the creation impact people's lives? What social, political, or economic changes resulted?

When people write about inventions, they generally describe the invention in two ways. One describes the way the invention changed things, and the other describes how the invention changed things for the better. ( inventions don't always change things for the worse, as in the case of tobacco, but they can make things significantly worse or better for one group or another.)

Great inventions sometimes alter entire industries or professions, create entire new fields, or cause people to think differently about previously established ways of doing things. For example, the invention of the cotton gin changed the way that gin was made and used. Gambling is an example of this. One invention that changed the world, the telephone, benefited everyone, because it allows people to communicate with each other at a much greater cost than ever before. However, some people still have no use for the telephone, because they do not know how it works, what it looks like, or what buttons to press.

Another example of an invention that changed the world is antibiotics. Originally, when someone caught a infection, there was no way to cure it. They either had to go into the hospital, where they would spend days recovering, or take antibiotics themselves, which was messy and somewhat embarrassing. The invention of penicillin changed all of this.

Now, instead of having to go to the hospital or take antibiotics, people can just take antibiotics by mouth. Penicillin is another great example of an invention that changed the world. Without penicillin, people who suffered from diseases such as smallpox, measles, and others would have been left weakened and sick. This invention has saved countless lives. In fact, penicillin is the most important invention in the history of the human species.

There are many more examples of inventions that changed the world. Examples include the telephone, television, radio, steamboat engines, the internal combustion engine, computers, the Internet, World Wide Web, and others. Of course, all these inventions were necessary for humans to live in an advanced society. Without the invention of these items, many of our daily tasks as well as activities would not be possible.

Some individuals and families feel that the few examples listed above fall into the category of "old" rather than "great". While there are certainly some inventions that are older than antiquity, there have been far too many inventions that have come since then. Therefore, we could say that even though a product may be older in age, it still has a chance to become extremely useful and important in our lives. We simply need to recognize the importance of these inventions and realize that even old items can be vitally important to our lives today.

Another category that could be called an invention that changed the world is one that made someone think differently about an idea or concept. For example, if you were standing on the beach during the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, looking at the horizon, you would have a very difficult time seeing two small boats traveling along the water. However, if you had been traveling across the country in an automobile traveling at sixty miles per hour, you would notice the uniqueness of this vehicle. In both cases, the innovation involved was the thinking of somebody.

One of the most important inventions of all time was the cotton gin. This invention changed the world because it allowed the production of cotton clothing. It also changed the way that clothing was woven by creating the first synthetic fiber. The cotton gin was responsible for the production of several other useful products including the first paper. Without the cotton gin, many of today's industries and businesses that we take for granted would not exist.

There are many more examples of innovations. Some of these innovations were responsible for the invention of new jobs. Others were responsible for improving the way that people lived. Still others provided us with conveniences that we take for granted. No matter what your personal preferences or interests, you can most certainly make a claim to have invented something that changed the world.