Remarkable jewelry repair Omaha

Find the remarkable jewelry repair Omaha service at 14 Karat. We offer a cost-effective jewelry repair plan to ensure that your jewelry retains its original appearance while providing a lifetime of pleasure and luxury. We provide a wide range of professional jewelry repair services, as well as refinishing and refurbishment, to help you rediscover the joy of your jewelry. We value a strong, long-term relationship with our consumers to better understand their jewelry preferences and desires. We offer a wide range of jewelry repair services, including ring size, mountings, stone replacement, jewelry cleaning and polishing, and much more. By previous arrangement, 14 Karat can assist with while-you-wait repairs. We can repair and resize jewelry with extraordinary precision that is simply impossible to achieve with bare flame soldering. There are no apparent solder joints as well. Polishing, rhodium plating, re-tipping, re-shanking, remodeling, master creating, mold building, and wax injection are just a few of the services that our team can provide. With the use of a laser welder, we can execute delicate antique repairs or restore estate jewelry to its original condition.

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