what is satta king and how it is played ?

You might have heard the word Satta Matka. Do you know the importance of this game in this pandemic era? How you can play this and what can be the result? 

In this pandemic era, the invention of Matka games made the market innovative and trending. 

There are certain advantages you need to know before proceeding further to the game.





The history behind Matka games


Talking about the history behind the Satta market it is famous from old age people. 1950 was the inventing date of this game. 

What was the main originated firm of this game? The idea of this game came while transferring New York cotton exchange to Bombay cotton exchange. 

Slowly and steadily this game came into effect and is made legal in India. 

To play this game you just need to deal with numbers and the winner will be known as Matka king

Kalyanji Bhagat was the person who introduced the concept of the Matka king. In 1960 Ratan Khatri became the first Matka king by winning the game. 

The only difference that lies in the Matka game is technology. 

Earlier there was no use of technology and digital medium but in today's generation technology, the internet had become a popular and in hand asset of human life.


The various chart available


Talking about various charts available in the matka industry.


·        Madhur chart - The new trending type of Matka game is the Madhur Satta game. It had become popular and the results are denoted in the form of a chart. 

The market gives you quick and instant results. The winning rate is 70 %.


·        Milan day chart- As the name suggests Milan means Jodi. You have to take part in Jodi and win the outcome. 

Suppose you win the game you both will get a bonus in the form of cash. From this, you can earn a loyalty bonus also. 

A loyalty bonus will define your loyalty to the gambling industry.


The other types of results in the form of charts are the main bazaar chart, Rajdhani day chart, Rajdhani night chart, Desawar Result, Galli Result, Ghaziabad Result.


Why luck matters in the gambling industry?


You might be wondering how luck matters in the gambling industry. 

Well, the gambling industry is an industry where cards, numbers, racing include luck. With luck, you cannot ace in the gambling industry. 

Destiny will decide your luck if you have some knowledge and experience in that field. 

You might not know your future hence you just want to excel in every field. So deal with your luck in the gambling industry without taking risk of money.


Bottom line


The use of technology will influence people to take part in the gambling industry. Choose the numbers and start the beginning of Matka games. 

Get all the benefits and the winning rate will amaze you. Satta King is a game for everyone.