6 Types Of Earrings That Should Be In Your Jewellery Box

Whether you are still working from home or excursing to the office this monsoon, the plight that arises everyday is of how to dress. On one hand, you want to put together a formal office look and sometimes, you want to dress comfortably in a white tee and basic blue jeans. While your mood constantly switches between the two, there’s one accessory that can be your accompaniment every day - earrings.


Just like nude lipstick or a pair of denim jeans, there exists a type of earring for everyone. The Women's Earrings differ in shape, size, drops and embellishments, but trust us, you will find a pair that feels like it’s specifically designed for you. Treat this as a checklist of the types of earrings you can add to your collection based on the clothes in your wardrobe and the shape of your face.


Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings, or simply hoops, resurged from the Y2K era and are trending the most this year. They’re semi-circular or circular in shape, usually made of metal or resin, and pass through your ear to hang freely. Hoops can be of various sizes and kinds - cast with swirly textures, covered with multi-sized beads, embellished with tassels or shells and coated with enamel.

If you have a boxy face, hoops will suit your look the best. Opt for a medium size or large one, for it will add softness to your look. Hoops are quintessentially versatile and can be worn with basic attires or formal outfits.


Stud Earrings

Studs are classic earring styles that have remained popular since the years you weren't born. Varied again, stud earrings are typically small or medium in size and the piece is worn close to the earlobe so as to take support from it. Stud earrings are made of cast metal and embellished with beads or stone. Dainty small studs are lightweight and studded ones are heavier.

If your face shape is rectangular type, try medium stud earrings as they will give a wider illusion to your face. Small studs can be worn everywhere (literally), while you can reserve the statement ones for occasions.


Free Fall Earrings

Free fall earrings strike a remarkable balance between elegance and statement as they exist in a variety of contemporary designs. Drop earrings could be small with one organic pearl, medium-sized with an arrangement of few embellishments or large with moulded metallic forms.

They are ideal for women with a circular face shape as free fall earrings give an elongating appeal. Smaller danglers can be worn with chic co-ord sets or shirts whereas larger ones are reserved for events where you can style long dresses or jumpsuits.


Long Earrings

Long earrings are large statement pieces crafted to give an extravagant effect. These earrings are worn from the lobe like studs but extend close to the shoulders.  Long earrings can be in the form of one large stud earring or can be a dangling arrangement. Because of its size, long earrings are usually heavy making them wearable for short time periods only.


Perfectly suitable for a long facial structure, rectangular or oval, long earrings are a must-have for holidays where you can channel a boho aesthetic or for cocktail parties where your glam can be displayed.



Threader Earrings

Threader earrings, as the name hints, is a delicate lightweight earring which dangle equally from the front of the ear and the back of it. It’s easy to wear as its thinness lets the earring pass through the earlobe.


Threader earrings suit every face type by giving a ‘barely there’ feel. It’s most suitable for people with longer necks. For the most elegant impact, style threader earrings with off-shoulder attires or clothes with a wide neckline.



Ear Cuffs

Last on our checklist - ear cuff earrings. They make an unconventional style, as they move upwards instead of dangling down from the ear. For the most graceful appearance, only one ear cuff is worn.


If you like to experiment with styles, try wearing an ear cuff. It suits the oval facial structure the most and gathers all the attention when you accessorise minimally. Ear cuffs are paired with occasion wear to reserve its wow factor.