A Brief Description of the Humanitarian Assistance

In a time of need, a little help from any individual seems like God’s blessing. If you are seeking any assistance and are confused about its workings, this blog will help you to understand it better. 

In case of an emergency or disaster situation, a large number of people need assistance altogether in a short period of time. The main focus of this assistance is the rapid recovery of survivors. It provides material and emotional assistance to people who need help. The period of this assistance is short-term. The assistance providers mainly follow a cyclic action to accomplish people’s primary needs.  

Workings of humanitarian program cycle - 

Various foundations run some programs to help the needy. Most of the time, these programs work in a cyclic manner to execute their series of actions to manage and deliver humanitarian response. The cycle follows 6 steps complete the action; - 


    • Needs assessment

    • Response planning

    • Resource analysis

    • Execution and examination

    • Review operation

    • evaluation


Selflessness, justice, and impartiality are the 3 fundamental principles of any kind of humanitarian action. The volunteers of this program work day and night to reach out to every affected person to support them mentally and emotionally with some basic required goods.   

Characteristics of humanitarian need - 

Humanitarian aid is vastly different from developmental assistance. The main aim of it is to provide basic needs to the homeless, refugees, and victims of natural and artificial disasters. It has 4 main characteristics - 

    • Short-term

    • works in disaster zones

    • Reaches to the place of incident fast

    • Focused on humanity and savings lives.

Humanitarian principles - 

There are 7 fundamental principles one must have in mind at the time of an emergency situation. These are the core approach of ethics on humanitarian grounds. The principles include - Humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality. The volunteers swore on their humanity to treat every individual equally and indifferently without any favouritism.

Humanitarian assistance reaches the place of the event super-fast and helps people till the long term governmental support program comes. They work their best to support the victims emotionally and materially in times of their hardship. They usually try to connect emotionally with each individual to empathize with their unspoken pain. They are trained volunteers to help people coming out of nearly-death experiences and traumatic incidents. They are here to reduce your pain and will help you with many types of basic and financial assistance. Hence, trusting them in your time of need is the best option.