Best Topics & Language Features for Persuasive Essays

Writing a persuasive essay can be alot fun if you master persuasive writing techniques. Persuasive essay is similar to argumentative essay as in both types of writing you convince your Edu Jungles to a specific viewpoint. 


In a persuasive essay, you use logic and reasons to show why your point of view is correct. Your selected topic and the explanation should persuade the readers. In persuasive essay writing, provide an argument and convince your readers why your point of view makes sense.


Convincing readers that your viewpoint is correct is not an easy task. For effective persuasive essays through online essay writing, it is important to learn the art of persuasion. If you need to submit a persuasive essay soon, this article is for you. 


But have you ever wondered what are the right language features that you should include in your persuasive essay to make it convincing? If not, refer to the following section and learn about the 4 important language features that need to be incorporated for writing a convincing paper.


To become an effective essay writer, you can use a wide range of writing techniques to persuade your readers. 


Adjectives - The use of adjectives in your persuasive essay is very important. An adjective is basically a describing word that is must to use in your essay to convince your readers in a certain way. The usage of adjectives in your persuasive essay will make the writing more interesting and convincing for the readers. 


Appeals - Appeals is an important language feature to make your persuasive essay more impressive. It is to convince your readers through emotions. You can create a short story to get your idea across and make it acceptable for the readers. 


Cliches - This language feature is the best strategy to show your idea quickly. Some of the most acceptable cliches are ‘Time will tell’, ‘I lost track of time’, and ‘Time heals all wounds’. 


Imagery - An effective persuasive essay needs a lot of effort. Convincing your readers is not easy so you can also use visuals to help them understand your viewpoint better. 


When writing a great persuasion essay, keep these language elements in mind. However, if you still need help, hire a professional essay writer and have them write a persuasive essay for me to get the task done. Professionals know what it takes to write a persuasive essay. 


Here are some best topics that you can choose from for getting started on your persuasive essay. 


• Why should the voting age be lowered? 

• Is the school day too long?

• Should kids learn how to cook their own food?

• Should pets be allowed to schools?

• Are bad guys more interesting?

• Why is it better to see a movie in a theater?

• Pass/fail or letter grading system: which is better?

• Is too much mobile usage harmful for health?

• Are professional sports too dangerous?

• Should the US impose more or fewer tariffs?

• Should there be limits to free speech?

• Is eating genetically modified food safe?

Some more persuasive writing tips


Here are some expert tips that you can go through for the overall quality of your persuasive essay. 

• Add humor if needed for a brilliant persuasive essay. Experts say that adding humor and a touch of sarcasm can even make the most boring topic into an interesting one. 

• Do not rely on the first draft of your essay. When you are done with writing the first draft. Go back to the outline and make sure you have covered all the points in your essay. Rewrite the sentences that do not make sense. Then create the second draft for an improved and high-quality college essay.

• Proofread your final draft to make sure it is free from grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. 

These are the best way to craft great persuasive essays. Make sure you use the language features and follow the tips for writing a great persuasive essay. 

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