Pressure instruments

We provide a one-stop-shop for all your process automation needs to be combined with the expert product, application, and industry knowledge. We provide ongoing support and service everything we sell. Verify the accuracy of your pressure instruments and check whether it gives same readings repeatedly or not, at a given point of time. Founded in 1971, we operate from fully equipped modern facilities, with our head office in Auckland serving the North Island and a branch in Christchurch serving the South Island. In addition to providing world leading process instrumentation and industrial weighing products to New Zealand industry, we also have a comprehensive service offering. Our policy at EMC is to build long-term relationships with our clients, where we provide the services and solutions you need today and long into the future. Different monitors are available in different cuff sizes to fit different sized arms. You should properly match the size of your cuff before you choose a pressure instrument. Maximise plant and process safety as well as operational efficiency and effectiveness with our range of pressure instruments. Endress+Hauser’s wide range of devices for pressure measurement enables us to offer a pressure transmitter with ultra-modern technology and high-quality materials for every application and every budget. Plus, when you buy from us at EMC, you will benefit from our extensive expertise providing pressure measurement solutions to companies in a range of industries. You will also benefit from the ongoing support that we provide – support that covers the entire lifecycle of the product. EMC offers a complete portfolio for your power plant, whether it be traditional fossil fuel or renewable fuel such as hydro, solid waste, solar and biomass, we have a solution to assist the plant operates in a more sustainable, safe, and cost-effective way.

The level control and level alarms are really useful, both commercially and in the home. Using these devices helps prevent problems and allows systems utilizing to work in a more controlled and safe way. Endress+Hauser is not restricted by a limited number of measurement principles and can, therefore, offer the method best suited to your particular application in either liquids or bulk solids. We’ll carefully listen to your requirements and then offer the best suited and most cost-effective solution. We also offer onsite assistance with commissioning to ensure the instrument is installed correctly and performing as required. Capacitance level measurement is a simple and cost-effective solution for level monitoring in liquids. Particularly in small tanks and build-up forming media. Point level detection works for both liquids including aggressive media, and solids with a heavy-build up the possibility.  The principle of capacitance level measurement is based on the capacitance change of a capacitor. The probe and the tank wall form a capacitor whose capacitance is dependent on the amount of product in the tank. An empty tank has a lower capacitance in comparison to a full tank. The resistance between the two measuring electrodes changes by the presence or absence of a medium. In single-rod probes, the electrically conductive tank wall serves as a counter electrode.