What is Photo Printing and Framing

When you're ready to print and frame a photo, you'll need to know what format it should be in. WhiteWall offers several standard and made-to-measure framed photo formats. Both types respect the original photo's dimensions. You'll also want to know the maximum dimensions available for your prints, as they vary with printing options. For example, acrylic printing, and glass picture frames is limited to 290 cm, while aluminum printing can reach up to 180 cm. Keep in mind that framing will add to the dimensions of your photos, so it's best to have a high-resolution photo before you make a final decision.

You'll also need to check the aspect ratio of the image, or the ratio of the image's width and height. Getting the aspect ratio wrong can result in a stretched or cut-off image. If you're unsure of the correct aspect ratio, you can use a tool such as Photoshop's view print size feature. If you'd rather work manually, you can calculate the image's aspect ratio by dividing its dimensions by its DPI (dots per inch). The DPI should be 100 or higher.

Framed prints are a great way to present a photo as a gift. Many framing companies offer framed prints and can help you design the frame yourself. Many have custom-designed templates, so you can create a unique frame for your photo. You can also add a monogram or other personalization to your framed print. 

Photo printing and framing make great gifts for family and friends. A personalized photo frame can be a beautiful addition to any home. You can also find framed prints at websites like Shutterfly. They can be customized and come with various framing options, including a wood finish. When buying framed prints, make sure to choose a company that offers a quality service for your photos.