How To Maintain Human Hair Wigs?

Facing trouble with maintaining your curly hair wigs? Agreed! The struggle is real. It is pretty time-consuming and sometimes even after taking precautions Lace Front Wigs still get damaged due to several reasons. So, to combat those troublesome issues here are some tips that help women all over the globe regardless of the environmental variations because let’s be honest those can be a real problem. So start scrolling and give your hair attention to make sure that it last longer.

Tip #1 – Change The Way You Comb Your Curly Wig

Curly Wigs

Since the wig has a curly texture to it, it is more prone to tangles. So rather than combing it from top to bottom, which is basically tangling it, even more, you should work your way up. Start combing from the bottom and go up as tips begin to detangle. 

But even while combing you can only use a specific sort of comb or you can expect some shedding happening soon as the normal brushes make the nots loose in the wigs. So be very gentle while combing and  even though you don’t have the loop comb you can still comb your wigs gently with your finger tips first to check for any knots adn then go in with you comb or brush.

Tip #2 – Change Your Hair Care Products

Best Hair Care Products

Since these Wigs are not able to regenerate and repair themselves so it is unquestionably important to make sure that no damage is caused to them in the first place. Use Sulphate, paraben, and silicone-free products to make sure that there is no harm caused to the hair because of the chemicals in the product. 

So go for some sulphate free products because that way you’re not striping your wigs of any moisture plus they also avoid build-up in the wigs hair strands that may weigh it down or even make it dirty pretty easily and then rewashing them again will quickly will only decrease their life span.

Tip #3 – Wash Them The Right Way

Wash you human hair wigs the right way

Washing is one of the factors that can extend the life of your wigs if you do it the right way. Use the right products to wash as mentioned above and ones you are done washing, don’t rub your wigs as it causes friction which at last causes frizz. Frizz might lead to hair losing its curls. So just pat dry them and let them air dry. It is preferred to let them dry on a wig stand to ensure that the hair doesn’t lose their shape.

Wgi stand is ideal not only for the wash days of the wigs but is also good if you use them on the daily basis as this allows you to make sure that your wig won’t get tangled until the next use.

Tip #4 – Restore Back The Curls

Short Human Hair Wigs

Don’t freak out if the hair loses its curls a little. Just take a section of hair strands and coil it around your finger and leave it with a pulling motion. But don’t pull too much as it might result in hair loss. If you want tight curls take smaller sections and if you want loose curls then take a bigger section. It might take time but your hair deserves a bit of investment in terms of time too.

To restore back the curls, as you wash them you can just use the twist and turn method that curly hair people swear by.

Tip #5 – Reduce The Use Of Heat

Lace Front Human Hair Wigs

If the hair needs to be styled, then the best way to go about it is to use as less heat as possible to make sure that the least damage is caused to it. Unlike ours, these Virgin Hair do not have alive cells that can regenerate themselves if damaged so try and reduce the amount of heat used to make sure that they do not get damaged in the first place. Keep in mind that even if you use a heat protectant the hair still might get damaged.


By now you might be a little overwhelmed by so much information. But, don’t you worry these might sound like big tasks but if you do it consistently you’re soon gonna say bye to the bad hair days!