Being an entrepreneur requires you to accept ambiguity and be okay with being pushed on a regular basis.   Choosing the entrepreneurial path is the most challenging thing because the prospects of success are bleak; nonetheless, most achieve due to their unyielding belief, sharp focus on delivering, and tenacity. It is interesting to know what made Kishore Pallapothu such an inventive IT expert. Apart from his unusual intelligence and brilliant insight, as well as an inborn talent for critical thinking, the aspect that truly motivates Kishore Pallapothu to perfection is his unending love and genuine care for his country's society and people.


Kishore Pallapothu has an uncanny ability to spot jewels in a pile of unpolished stones. As an entrepreneur and angel investor, he is constantly on the search for businesses with something valuable to give to the globe and society at large. He is the finest power broker for highly inventive enterprises and midsized firms as a tech expert. He is the go-to guy for Florida's top venture capitalists. His sheer brilliance and exceptional business acumen have catapulted startups, corporations, and other potential businesses to the pinnacle of success.


Kishore Pallapothu worked as a software engineer at Oracle Corporation before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey. There was no turning back once his entrepreneurial career began. His professional career is continually on the rise.

Kishore hails from an Indian family. He earned his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Nagarjuna University in India and his master's degree in computer engineering from Texas AM University in Texas.

Kishore Pallapothu is a unique technological genius with an angelic heart. His golden heart drives his goals and life missions. He is a Responsible Citizen and a kind individual who is closely connected to the numerous communities in Florida. All of the businesses he built during his lifetime were exclusively dedicated to assisting the people of his country in some way. His efforts have been aimed at making the appropriate candidates stand solid on their feet.

His startup, "ChooseHire," is an AI-powered HR platform that assists job searchers by automating a number of the recruiting process phases. He has created an AI-powered system that matches job searchers with numerous job vacancies that match their skills and job profile. This technology is capable of far more than merely keyword matching. It hosts lengthy contests. ChooseHire is enabling the recruiting operations more effective, effective, and speedier in this way. With chatbots to handle pre-application questions, their clever AI technology assures that no actual talent is ignored for an available post. Automation aids in the elimination of human bias. ChoozeHire is a project that is truly reshaping the recruiting sector.

Similarly, his SkillWiki is a non-profit organization that trains low-wage people in cutting-edge IT. It enables them to do effectively in the high-tech work market.


Kishore Pallapothu's voluntary work at West Valley Community Services has earned him the moniker "tech native with a pure gold heart." His philanthropic demeanor is well-known across the Florida Bay area. He is always working to improve the lives of the poor and needy people in his own nation.