About me - Volodymyr Bondarchuk

Finances PM of Cobit Solutions - https://cobit-solutions.com/en/,  14 years of experience in finance and consulting of large companies and holdings, IFRS and Power BI expert.


  • DipIFR (ACCA)

  • Auditor Certificate

  • Power BI analytics


Hello, I'm Volodymyr Bondarchuk and I'm responsible for the financial side of Power BI analytics. My financial background is quite diverse and helps us create effective business intelligence.

During the 7 years experience in audit I passed the way from the assistant of auditor to the audit director. I have been involved in the preparation of large companies for IPO and audits of public companies with shares listed on international stock exchanges.

Another 3 years were spent in several corporations, where I was responsible for IFRS reporting and setting up business processes in the finance department as CFO. I also worked with investors and prepared companies for investments.


Nowadays all this experience is used for the Power BI implementation during 4 years. This business intelligence tool was born not so far in 2015. Last 4 years our company has realized the synergy effect from competencies in finances and opportunities of Power BI for our clients, creating interactive reporting – dashboards of any complexity that work for all IT systems.