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In the present episode, Preeta deliberately steps on Arjun's foot. Arjun yells. She questions him about why he moves, considering that he isn't an artist. She trampled his foot. As per Srishti, Preeta moves well. To Sameer, Arjun moves well. They start to battle. They are approached to stop battling by Rakhi.

She suggests holding a dance off. It's young men versus young ladies, she guarantees. The dance off gets rolling. Young men's group artists Rishabh, Arjun, and Sameer perform. The female dance group's Preeta, Srishti, and Kritika perform.

Sherlyn starts to move. From that point, Prithvi hauls the lady away. He hits the dance floor with Kritika after that. Seeing it, Sherlyn becomes infuriated. She eliminates Prithvi by hauling him. She removes his made-up facial hair. He hits the dance floor with Kritika, and she criticizes him. She is encouraged not to go over the top with the dance. That's what he attests in spite of the fact that Arjun is loved by the Luthras, he is just acting respectably.

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He asserts that he has another objective that he should achieve. Preeta and Kritika are immaterial to him. He asks her not to become jealous. She clarifies for him that by staying with him, she can help him.

Preeta begins strolling towards her home, arjun from behind makes sense of she has not changed even a little and is as yet unchanged fourth class bomb specialist, Preeta out of nowhere begins reviewing how Karan used to call her by this name. Preeta turning inquires as to whether he said something, yet he answers she is the person who needs to say thank you, Preeta offers him to come to her home so he can consider it as a thankyou signal, Arjun shouts he can't come since he has a gathering so Preeta leaves, arjun reluctantly gets in the vehicle.


Preeta going into the house embraces Bi jee, she finds a seat at the table when Janki offers her water seeing which Shristhi begins making faces, Shristhi makes sense of that at whatever point she arrives at this house they never deal with her like this, Bi jee makes sense of she had done everything for her yet Shristhi didn't see it, Preeta makes sense of she ought to acknowledge that both Bi jee and Janki love her all the more then Shristhi, she seeing the consumed sarree of Preeta asks how could it work out, she makes sense of that it got scorched due to the Diya in the Mandir, she guarantees it is nothing similar to that. Preeta hears the thump on the entryway so goes to open it, she is paralyzed to see Arjun and asks what he is doing here, he answers he needs to say something when Preeta attempts to ask him however he pushing her goes into the house.

They hear her strolling. In the room, Prithvi is found by Kritika before he takes off. "How goes it with she?" he questions. After such countless years, he asserts he is at long last seeing her. She becomes acquainted with that he came searching for her in camouflage. She advises him to be more reasonable. She guarantees he can't bamboozle her again. She guarantees him that she will discuss him to her family members. He asserts that he thought constantly about her.

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Rakhi is educated by Kavya that Mahesh has been gazing longingly at one lady. Preeta censures Kavya. Arjun accepts Kavya is behaving like him. Rakhi is educated by Mahesh that he was simply addressing guests. He gets a statement of regret from Preeta for Kavya. Mahesh claims that Kavya is youthful and devilish. He proceeds, "Rakhi committed an error." Rakhi is educated by Arjun that he likewise saw Mahesh checking the lady out. Mahesh lets him know that the last option talks in Karan-like tones. Hearing him shocks everybody. Rakhi withdraws from that point. Mahesh goes with her.