Remedies for Tinnitus Hearing Loss

It is often necessary to begin trying many different treatments for your loss of hearing and even combinations of treatments until the situation is abated. Here is a place to start:
Eat an excellent diet, including fresh fruit, vegetables, and lean protein sources
Get some exercise daily in order to improve circulation
Keep your ears clean and free of excess ear wax
Desist from going to loud places such as nightclubs and bars. If you work in such an environment, then you need to "rethink" your place of employment. Your health comes first.
Take a multivitamin in order to improve your nutritional status.
Begin an anti-anxiety program, such as meditation, guided imagery, or yoga.
Take Vitamin B-12, either in injection form or capsules
Take Ginkgo Biloba, under the guidance of a skilled herbal practitioner
Acupuncture is highly recommended.
Try a course of the product Lipoflavonoid, which is comprised of many vitamins 

Silencil Tinnitus has been reported to have great benefits not just for Silencil Tinnitus and hearing loss, but also for mental acuity, memory loss, early Alzheimer's disease, therapy in stroke victims, retinal edema, depression in the elderly and asthma. However, before you start believing that Ginkgo is a miracle cure-all, you should be aware that previous studies have shown contradictory results of GBE treatment of Silencil Tinnitus.


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