Steps for Beginners to Set Up a Charity Organization in Armenia

Charity is commonly called gods work. People believe in offering some of their fortunes to others to help them in their time of need. It is a small step taken by many financially stable people and families to decrease the percentage of inequality in society. Charity gives a sense of satisfaction and peace to individuals. Many believe in charitable works to help socially and financially backward people to reach a certain identity in society. 


Armenian people are very much soft-hearted and giving. Many Armenian charity organizations are run by many wealthy families. Some of them are also getting run by a group of people and donations. The youth of Armenia is getting attracted to many charitable works and searching for ways to set up their own organization. Here in this blog, we have discussed steps to set up a Charity Organization in Armenia from the grassroots level.


Step 1 - Deep Understanding

There are several charities going on around the world with a different missions. Some of them are for humans, and some of them are also for the environment and animals. Before beginning the setup, first, understand your interests and the available different types of charities. Animal, healthcare, and education are some of them.

Step 2 - Come up with a good name and establish a purpose for it

Make sure your charity name is well appreciated and your mission purpose is well accepted in government terms. A catchy phrase with an honest statement and well-formed name built the trust of people in the organization.

Step 3 - Meet the local and state requirement 

Fill out the required forms and reach the eligibility criteria set by state and local governments to get the green signal from them.

Step 4 - Create an online identity 

Creating a website for your charity is a must need. In the internet era, people believe more over the internet. A verified profile with many service offerings and contents increases the running possibility of that charity organization.

Step 5 - Insurance and fundraising

Fundraising is one of the most necessary tools for the longest running of a charity. Come up with a perfect and long-term plan for fundraising and arrange many activities to arrange funds. Do not forget to get appropriate insurance for your organization.

Step 6 - Volunteers 

Searching for good volunteers is one of the most difficult jobs. Observe candidates and go for a good background check before hiring them.