What Is The Impact Of Anxiety On Sexual Performance?

Did you know that it is your mood that decides whether you wish to have sex with your partner or not? Yes, it is your psychological health that can determine whether you like to make love. Many psychological factors are responsible for sexual performance in men. Men face erectile dysfunction issues due to psychological factors. It is your mood that will always wish to make love. Sometimes, you must have observed that when you had a very tiring day, you will not be in the mood to have sexual intercourse. One of the main psychological factors that can disturb your sexual performance is anxiety. Yes, anxiety and sexual performance are interlinked. Here in this blog, we will check out what is the impact of anxiety on your sexual performance.

What Is Anxiety?

Before we go much deep into how anxiety can impact your sexual performance, let us know a little information about what exactly is anxiety. Knowing what is anxiety and how it affects your sexual health will help in treating health anxiety in a better way. 

Usually, when you are in some tension or having too many burdens, your body will experience and your mind responds in a certain way. This mental response is a kind of mental disorder termed Anxiety. You will start feeling nervous about something that is happening, about something in the past, or something that might happen in the future. Some people will even start shivering when they have anxiety attacks. It is a simple fear but reaches such extreme levels that your brain will become restless. This is when you need help with stress and anxiety.

There are different types of anxiety disorders. Only after you understand each of them, you will be able to relate it to sexual performance. 

  • Panic disorder is one of the most common anxiety attacks and it happens due to stress. 
  • Social anxiety disorder is another kind of anxiety disorder where people will have fear to socialize or meet people. They stay connected only with the people they know the most. They usually avoid meeting new people and meeting people in groups. 
  • Illness anxiety disorder is not very common but is seen in many people. Even if they are not having any major health issues, they are concerned about their health. Even a small allergy or disorder will make them anxious. 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder is the next type of disorder and this happens when they undergo any major trauma like an accident. They imagine the same happening again and again for a few days and sometimes years. 

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