Advantages of a turnkey construction

From a house to an urban or commercial project; the "turnkey" modality can be applied to any type of construction, achieving the same benefits. Under this model, the same professional or company is hired to take charge of the entire construction process, instead of making different contracts at each stage. As a result, the client obtains the following advantages:

·        Zero procedures: the procedures that must be carried out before the Federated College of Engineers and Architects (CFIA) and the respective municipality, are the responsibility of the construction company. The contractor can also forget about the procedures before the CCSS and the INS to keep the workers of the work covered in the event of any health problem or work accident.

·        Centralization of decisions: your construction process will be easier if the requirements for your work are established from the beginning. In addition, you will reduce risks and conflicts that may arise when hiring different people responsible for the design and construction of your project.

·        Greater agility: since there is only one service contract, communication between the parties involved is facilitated and work is speeded up. The hiring of multiple contractors could generate delays due to negotiations or friction between them and misunderstandings when passing information from one representative to another.

·        The price remains the same: there are factors that could alter the cost of the work during its development and that are impossible to foresee; for example: an unexpected increase in the price of construction materials or unforeseen events related to the weather. In the case of "turnkey" projects, these factors do not generate concern because there is a prior contract that establishes the final cost of the work and its conditions.

·        Centralized guarantee: at the end of the work, you will have a guarantee that will allow you to request the resolution of unforeseen events through the same person. You only need to verify the solidity and experience of the company you want to hire to ensure the success of your project.

·        Permanent accompaniment: contracting a "turnkey" project means having professionals who will advise you to make the best decisions, taking into account your tastes and budget; from the design of the work, to the color of the walls or the tiles for the bathroom. A professional and experienced company will offer you the necessary tools so that you can visualize your project and will then take care of making it a reality.

If you are thinking of developing your work under the "turnkey" modality, take into account that it is best to implement it from the planning phase, which may represent 10% of the process, but where decisions are made that could impact 90 % remaining.

Our extensive experience in the development of turnkey constructions in Vadodara allows us to work under a system that adapts to the needs of each project, ensuring the quality of our work and offering a guarantee of support to our clients. Get to know our projects!

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