Turn Website into Mobile App without Coding

The process of turning your website into a mobile app has never been as easy as it is today. It takes mere seconds if you do it with the WebViewGold app template. You just need to enter the URL or copy the local HTML folder of your website into the app template, and leave the rest on WebViewGold. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Count on WebViewGold as it is a perfect app maker you will never regret using. Being a 100% complete full app template, it can provide you with unlimited solutions and you can Turn Website into Mobile App in the fastest possible time. 

It’s time to download the WebViewGold app template to Create Android App from Website and strictly follow every step to reach the stunning results. If you are interested in turning your website into an Android app, then you need to have the latest Android Studio. For iOS, however, you should have the latest Xcode app (it will run on your own Mac). Once your iOS or Android app is created, you will also want to submit it to an App Store or Play Store respectively. That’s where you need to have a developer account from Google and Apple. 

Benefits to Convert Your Website 

  • Be More Accessible. 

Due to apps, you will reach the target audience easily. Your icon will be on your customers’ phone which means you are only a click away from your customers. 

  • Elevate Your Brand.

People spend more time on their mobile devices than web browsers. Thus, you should keep up with trends and make your brand more popular. 

  • Splash Screen Loading Sign

You are free to select to display your launch screen image until the web app is loaded. When loading your content, you can decide to display a native loading spinner. 

  • URL Handling In-App-Tab

Everything is if you Create Android App from Website using WebViewGold. You can open specific or all external website links in your main app view or an additional In-App-Browser tab or the iOS/Android System Browser. 

  • Personalized CSS Styles

You can easily change your web app experience by using CSS style classes when you have access on the app. You can also modify the native status bar color of iOS and Android.

  • Cookie Cache Mechanism

Thanks to the built-in cache mechanism, your app performance will be improved. Thanks to WebViewGold, all cookies can be saved. 

  • Media Downloader

Users are able to use the Image, PDF, ePub, Documents, and Music Downloader API to save files directly to your photo gallery app or mobile storage.

  • File Camera Uploads

There will be seamless upload opportunities and you will enjoy awesome use case for forms, upload plugins, or photo galleries in social media communities.

  • Push Notifications

In order to notify your app users about the upcoming news, you need to use JavaScript, OneSignal, bubble.io, or Firebase. 

  • Dark Mode

You can set a modified web address which will be accessible if the iOS user activated Dark Mode. However, you can also use your default web address.


Your business growth depends on you. Therefore, do not hesitate and Turn Website into Mobile App with the help of WebViewGold.