Can Fire Opal Be Found in Australia?

Almost all the world's opal is mined in Brazil and Peru, but the majority of the world's most valuable and highly prized opal comes from Australia. Australia has been the world's largest producer of opal for more than 150 years, producing more than ten times the world's opal production as compared to the rest of the world combined. In addition to opal, Australia has produced a range of other types of gemstone, including Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies.

Fire opal from Australian is a type of gemstone that is formed when silica-carrying groundwater is released into the ground. The silica solution fills small holes in in-tact organic matter, and can form in veins and fissures in sedimentary rocks. The silica solution is deposited in the form of a gel that hardens over time. Opal is a mineraloid, and can occur in nearly any rock fissure. However, most opals are found in sedimentary rocks such as sandstone.

Fire opal is a type of opal that has strong play-of-color. It is most commonly found in a white base color, but can also be found in a range of other colours. Common opals do not display a play-of-color. Fire opal has a range of colour and is often called "Jundah-like". These opals have exceptional brightness in dim light and are typically very attractive. These stones are cut into cabochons. They are typically sold by carat weight. Most cabochons have a strong play-of-color, and some can show an abundance of red or orange.

Opal mines are located across Australia. The Coober Pedy area is the main producer of white opals. The field has since expanded to include other types of opals. Many of these opals are opalised fish bones, shelly mollusks, and crustaceans. These specimens are valued for their color play and beauty. The Jundah-blue Pipe Opal, for example, has a vivid blue-green colour play.

A large variety of Original Fire opal stones from Australia is mined throughout Australia, including white opal, fire opal, and boulder opal. Boulder opals are mined in a zone that extends from the Cunnamulla district in Queensland to the Eulo district in New South Wales. The largest known high-grade opal in the world is a 998-gram stone from Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. It is also the largest opal known to have ever been cut. It is a unique stone and has been named after Halley's Comet. It is now part of the Australian Museum's collection.

Opal is mined in Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, and South Australia. It can be found in sandstone, ironstone, and marl. It is deposited at a low temperature and is highly marketable. Traditionally, fire opals are cut into cabochons. It is also available in many different jewelry designs. In fact, most Australians have never seen a real opal gemstone.

Fire opals have a unique shimmering rainbow inside the gemstone. They are valued for their color play, and are usually valued more than Mexican fire opals. Although Australian fire opal is the most valuable, Mexican fire opal is also highly prized. However, fire opals from Australia are known for having a large amount of red fire.

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