Discover 4 Incredible NDS Games You Never Knew About

Do you own a Nintendo DS? If so, you’re familiar with the dozens of beloved titles that made the system an all-time classic. But did you know that there are several incredible NDS ROMS games that have flown under the radar? Here are our picks for 10 must-play games that you probably didn’t know existed. 

1. Harvest Moon DS – Developed by Marvelous Interactive in 2006, this farming simulator is one of the most beloved entries in the entire series. After inheriting a farm from your late grandfather, it’s up to you to restore it to its former glory. As you work your way through a variety of challenging tasks, you’ll earn money and build relationships with characters in your village. With its charming graphical style and endlessly rewarding gameplay loop, this is one game that no Harvest Moon fan should miss out on! 

2. Theresia – Released by Success Corp in 2008, Theresia takes players on an unforgettable journey through a mysterious underground facility where a young girl named Therese has been imprisoned. As she explores her surroundings, she discovers forgotten memories and secrets about her past—and even learns how to use firearms like handguns and submachine guns! With captivating story moments and intense action sequences, Theresia is not only one of the best NDS games ever made but also one of the most underrated horror titles of all time.  

3. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – Developed by Rockstar Leeds in 2009, GTA: Chinatown Wars was an ambitious title for its time—especially on a handheld console like the Nintendo DS! Taking place in Liberty City—the same setting as Grand Theft Auto III—players take control of Huang Lee as he embarks on an epic criminal adventure across town while dealing with rival gangs and cops alike. Thanks to its clever gameplay mechanics and sandbox design, Chinatown Wars remains one of the biggest hits on the platform today!  

4. Contact – This unique RPG was developed by Grasshopper Manufacture in 2007 and tells an unforgettable tale about Professor Buffamoo who creates a device called “Contact” which allows him to talk directly with aliens from outer space! As he travels across three different planets populated by strange creatures known as “Humans” (yes really), he learns more about their culture while struggling to find his way back home again. Boasting quirky characters, stunning graphics, turn-based battles, and plenty of puzzles along the way; Contact is easily one of the best NDS games ever created—and an absolute must play for any RPG fan!  

With so many great titles available for the Nintendo DS system out there; these were just some of our favorite overlooked gems that deserve more attention than they get today! From farming simulators to epic crime stories; there truly is something here for everyone—so don't wait another second before diving into these amazing adventures! Whether you're looking for something new or replaying old classics; we guarantee that these ten incredible NDS games will keep you busy for hours on end!