How To Get Perfect Balayage Hair color

Balayage in French means to sweep, which correctly displays the color technique. The highlights are hand-painted or swept on random sections of hair. In the middle of a hair strand, the dye is applied and made dense as you move toward the end of the hair. This gives a natural glow to the hair color, unlike the strict patterns found in highlights. Balayage is a hair color technique wherein the usage of foil is eliminated, as opposed to traditional color highlights. It gives a natural effect of ombre style and also gives you respite from needing to maintain growing hair roots. You can do partial, mini, or full balayage hair

Balayage hair color creates a natural, sunlit appearance and gives a beautiful dimension to your tresses. It gets painted on without the foil around the hair strands. The best part is that the lightning gets gradually denser along the tips of the hair strands. Not only this, the benefit of balayage can be seen in how seamlessly it blends into your natural hair color. It creates a sun-kissed glow, with the new color being just a few shades lighter than the natural hair color

Moreover, it lasts longer than the regular highlights. This can be attributed to the seamless transition in the coloring process. Balayage hair color is also great for forgoing regular touch-ups. You can go for months without needing one, as the growing roots just seamlessly blend with the colored hair sections. To get the perfect balayage, read on to learn more about hair color ideas. 

  1. Golden Light

Get a beautiful look with golden blonde hair


This season’s trending hair color ideology is playing with light shades. The ombré style showcases a beautiful, bright shade of golden-blonde color. This gives an appearance of hair ends being bathed in a pool of lovely sunlight. 

  1. Fine Blonde Balayage

People with brown balayage hair can transition to blonde ombré and rock a stunning look this coming season! In this version, a subtle technique of balayage is used to add fine vertical blonde highlights. These are done high on the head, which leaves a dark color on the base, just on the roots. 

  1. Caramel, Blonde 

Get a gorgeous look with straight blonde hair


This balayage hair color is a modern take on straight blonde hair. The color scheme is influenced by the classic biker blonde look. The warm caramel, beige and golden blonde, this balayage hair color is one of the best right now. 

  1. Multicolor

Jazz up your look with the multicolor balayage hair


The multicolor balayage look offers a completely different style that looks best in both wavy and straight hair. The wavy look gives a tousled and wavy 3-D effect due to overlapping texture that reflects light. The straight look highlights the balayage hair color in a two-dimensional structure. 

  1. Sunset Ombre

Get the tropical sunset look with sunset ombre hair


This amazing ombré, based on the natural colors of a tropical sunset, is a hairstyle worthy of a stage appearance from a first-rate pop artiste.  On long, straight hair it makes a powerful fashion statement, but imagine how it looks with waves or in an up-style!


Highlights have been women’s favorite for a long time now. Balayage hair is the best example of this. It literally means ‘sweep’ in French, rightly displaying the technique. It is a hand-painted highlighting technique, as the usage of foil is not required here. It also gives a natural effect of ombre style and also gives you respite from needing to maintain growing roots of the hair. You can do partial, mini, or full balayage hair. 

If you are looking for some perfect balayage hair ideas, check out the above styles. You can also go for balayage hair extensions at Indique Hair as it offers commitment-free, natural hair extensions. So, grab your favorite balayage hair now and get heads turning.