An Understanding of Vehicle Number Plate Detection Mechanism using Computer Vision

AI and computer vision is playing a major role in transportation evolution. Autonomous vehicle technology, fuel injection systems, self-driving cars, digital scanning, sensing and processing technologies, intelligent transportation systems, etc., are transforming many aspects of human life.

The role of transportation technologies is massive in making bustling cities livable, workable, manageable, safe, and sustainable. Such technologies can be used in different applications in urban areas for sustainable urban mobility. One of the vital application areas is vehicle number plate detection, which captures the information from the number plates via the video or photo footage of cameras and identifies vehicles.

In today’s post, I will discuss the novel system of vehicle number plate recognition, its use-case, significance, how it works, techniques, etc. Let’s unfold this further and see how computer vision can help recognize vehicle number plates seamlessly.

Defining the Vehicle Number Plate Detection 

Number plate detection (NPD) is one such innovative mechanism that identifies a specific part on the vehicle license plate and understands the characters using advanced technologies. It is one of the key functions of intelligent transportation systems. 

Known as Registration Plate Recognition (RPR), or License Plate Recognition (LPR), the latest system of Vehicle Number Plate Recognition (NPR) uses AI, ML, deep learning, and computer vision-powered approaches to read such license plates on vehicles without human interaction. 

This advanced system of number plate identification captures an image from a moving vehicle, searches for a number plate, and extracts relevant alphanumerics with the aid of the optical character recognition (OCR) mechanism. It translates the characters into readable digital text, which can be used for various applications such as preventing car theft, automated toll tax collection, traffic control, etc.

Authorities can install a number plate recognition mechanism on CCTV in many regions to identify vehicles and control other facets of inspection, traffic management applications, and safety. This automated system helps them track the actual entry/exit time of a vehicle and the amount of time it spends in a particular region.

Thus, the system can open a wide range of advantages to parking systems along with space management, governance, and vehicle traffic controls in urban areas. 

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