Fortunately, the topics covered are generally universal and can largely be predicted. Thus, the candidate must design in advance a convincing personal presentation that will allow him or her to "sell well". He / she must, in addition, be able to articulate his motivations and have a clear vision of his professional project. You will also have to work on your gestures in front of a mirror or through video recordings. Leave nothing to chance ! Master your non-verbal communication and choose your outfit carefully. The latter must demonstrate your seriousness and professionalism. Things that will help you tremendously in your graduate studies.

Higher education
A flawless mind will also be decisive during and before the competition. While it is normal to have feelings of stress and worry, it is especially not a good time to give in as this can compromise your energy level and your ability to concentrate. Thus, we invite you to practice optimism, never lose sight of your goal and be aware of your strengths. The preparation period for the entrance exams is, for better or for worse, a unique phase in your student life. Know how to take advantage and PLEASURE!

Finally, get plenty of rest before the contest, arrive on time and don't worry too much about difficult questions on the day! Be sure to prioritize your mental health and well-being at all times.

In conclusion, preparing for the first step of your graduate studies is a multi-step process. Steps that do not undergo any precise chronological order but each of which must be subject to special attention. In reality, the preparation of the competitions is rather a kind of alchemy of which there is only one great work to produce: success!